Tuesday , May 24 2022

The Court does not set one party either


The State Audit Office (SAO) has stated that it does not "disable" any party, but does not check the legality of its control based on statutory regulations.

Photo: MTVA (archive, picture)

The organization said in response to a press conference Zsolt Gréczy, spokesman for the Democratic Coalition squad, at a press conference with MTI.

Zsolt Gréczy received a question of the previous publication of the SAO where he wrote that he was disappointed that the DK's central office had to burn down, and although the party had already asked for millions who were. , linked to this election campaign, they will have to pass their accounts for 2017-2018 next year. The politician replied that they wanted the necessary bills, but if the Court of Auditors "believes that he will work as a governing body for the next year's inspection," then DK will be opposed.

The SAO said in a new statement that DK would "contradict" the current Hungarian laws and the need to account for public money for taxpayers.

The court reiterated that they requested DK documents only and receive documents for managing the costs of parliamentary elections campaigning April 8. The statutory audit of 2017-2018, which is expected to be due only in the second half of 2019, the SAO "has not requested any documents from the party or received it." According to the statutory requirement, the party must make it available to the court of auditors during a data collection period.

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