Tuesday , May 24 2022

Tesla joins competitors – This is the master plan to get rid of petrol and diesel cars


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ZETA highlights on its official website that this is the first industry alliance formed by its members to accelerate the spread of electric cars, create hundreds of thousands of new jobs linked to new technologies and secure US global leadership United States in the field of electromobility.

ZETA, which may have players in its ranks outside Tesla, such as ABB, Duke Energy, Edison International, Lucid Motors, Rivian, Siemens, or Uber, has identified five important objectives:

Electric car subsidies for results-driven consumers, which is nothing more than maintaining and expanding a support system that promotes the rapid spread and sale of electric cars. Consortium members want to achieve that if the federal subsidies introduced by Barack Obama in 2009, the $ 7,500 discount on buying electric cars would remain in the future, Verge wrote in its report.

Such introduction of emissions / performance requirements, which will ensure that only fully electric cars can be marketed in the United States from 2030 onwards. The ultimate goal of this effort is obviously to stop selling new vehicles with internal combustion engines abroad.

Infrastructure investments, where substantial sums would be spent at the federal level on developing charging infrastructure to significantly advance the spread of electric cars. In ZETA’s view, this would allow the United States to secure its leadership through a “clean path of renewal” that everyone could do well.

Promoting domestic production also extremely important. According to ZETA, they must not only work to accelerate the transition to electric drive, but also work to secure the growth of the U.S. economy and leadership in the field of electromobility. This, they believe, requires federal policy to stimulate job creation, economic activity throughout the supply chain and the life cycle of electric cars.

Finally, the fifth and final point is no less than federal governance, cooperation with regional and local organizations. ZETA members said it would be important to get the United States to invest in research and development related to electric cars. In addition, it would be important to create a coherent vision for electrification and to provide regional and local actors with the information and resources necessary to realize this vision.

In his report, Verge emphasized that while these aspirations were far more ambitious, they were partly in line with the goals of several U.S. states. California recently announced a ban on all fossil fuel cars from 2035, and News Jersey has reported that it is preparing a similar move. They also recalled the program of the new President of the United States, Joe Biden, who highlighted the fact that Democrats will create 1 million new jobs in the automotive industry. Biden also promised that America would play a role in the manufacture of electric cars, related parts and raw materials.

Cover image source: Ron Antonelli / Bloomberg via Getty Images

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