At the beginning of the month, NetMarketShare shared its data on the desktop operating system market. Good news and bad news for Microsoft.

Slowly but certainly, the market share of Windows 10 is growing, according to NetMarketShare: it improved from 43.62 percent in March to 44.1 percent, making it a clear market leader. This is undoubtedly good news for Microsoft, but not so much that "big competitor", Windows 7 is still very good: it was 36.52 percent in March, barely moving in April (36.43 percent) ).

Microsoft does its utmost to attract Windows 7 users into Windows 10: it won't support Windows 7 in a year, and it will take every opportunity to warn you about it. users.

Meanwhile, based on Gemius data, the situation in Hungary is a little different, as if we were listening closer to Microsoft, the scissors between the two systems are more open here ( Windows 10: 48.56 percent, Windows 7: 36.76 percent, March measurements) basis).

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