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Selection: in a calm spirit – an interview with Cosimo Ingus


This game will be different to the last two hundred: Marco Rossi can be led by his coach, and the captain, of course, also hopes to win against the Estonian.

Inguscio's goal is clear: leading the Hungarian team to win on Thursday night (Photo: Koncz György)

– In the absence of the prohibited Marco Rossi, you can control the Hungarian team against Estonia. What are the feelings for ninety minutes?
– We will say that it will be the same as the other, but this is not really true – he acknowledged the interest of the National Sports at the press conference in Telki Cosimo Inguscio, who has been working with a co-owner for six years, especially: with Ross, he first aided Bronze Bronze, Golden Honor later, and then succeeded in winning a success at Dunaszerdahely, with the success of the DAC.

– Otherwise, the "head" is not on the bench, but on the bench, what else will this be?
"It's impossible to say this before the beginning. Remember, we were sitting next to Marcus in two hundred games, it may not be too much to say that we have a couple of options. , a second tier role is very different from the head trainer or the federal captain – I will try to find a place on Thursday night. My situation is easier from the fact that every board member knows what their business is. We have been out for a long time that Marco can not be with us, who believes we are still upset today , wrong. In recent days we have been trying to prepare for everything – with each other. Since Marco can not be with the team, no big changes are needed. It finds that the training is better working to practice, so football players are waiting for the game.

– You also?
– I too, yes.

Our second tier participant breathes literally with the invited players to the frame (Photo: György Koncz)

– Not surprisingly surprised, his old friend, "Gergő Nagy, was missing from the injury frame, described in our Wednesday issue as an unexpected, ordinary, sincere and charmable person, who is also gives peace in critical moments.
"Gergő Nagy's words came to me, thank you for saying so kindly to me. I also heard that Rossi, Inguscio, had written me as a good copy. I'm really sorry for this. In fact, we & Other personalities, other nuisances, however, it's worth noting, because one of us acts like this, the other does not mean that either of us is Better or worse character. I've risked, we came to this, because we're doing right together. Thanks to the years spent together, we & # 39; n know each other's thoughts. My main task, however, is to help Marcot prepare for the team preparation and, where appropriate, to make decisions.

– Let's reach the League of Nations. The group has gone away, but there is hope for the second place to win. However, some argue that the remaining two meetings would be worth "sacrificing", that is, to be part of the preparation for the Eb qualification line; It starts in March.
– The bout is the bout. We also want to offer our best against Estonia and Finland, there is no other purpose than having the six points. So, we focus on no more than the League of Nations, we want to give the best of this series as close as possible. To be able to talk about the eligible Eb, we have to wait for a December draw – until we know the grouping, it is not necessary to think of what I would do with March. Look at the tasks that are before.

– We have just said that the Hungarian side will be second, but remember who can fall from League C. How much weight does it mean?
– We really have been collecting four points in the four games so far, but we can not really blame ourselves. We also made mistakes in Finland, especially in Tallinn's clash. In Estonia we had the chance to win, we can not keep our pain, our advantage, and in the end we had to fight for equalization. A month has passed since then, we had a thorough analysis of the time, we know what we need to improve to succeed, and we know where the Estates can take. Obviously, it is important to Estonia not to fall but for us, at least as important, if it is not even more important. How much does this pressure have to tie? I do not feel that the expected victory would be a burden on the team. I'll rather find that everyone wants to go to the field to show that this national team is bigger than it can show.

They were also
Three other players were removed out of the national team: Gergő Lovrencsics ac Rich Daniel anaf, tra Péter Gulácsi due to the discomfort of the viral stomach that you can not play against the Estonian. As the rules require three goalkeepers in the box, instead of Gulac Count David invited professional staff. in advance Hallands Roland, Ugras Roland ac Attila Fiola injured by the players invited in the frame.
Read more.

– Is the eleven?
– Not yet. Unfortunately, injuries do our work difficult, so we're still waiting for a team announcement.

"Was it banned to speak to Balázs Dzsudzsák?"
– I can not answer yes or no. But I can confirm what Marco said the other day: if Balázs gets an opportunity as a beginner, he's wearing the captain's branch if not, and then Ádám Szalai. Certainly, both deserve the job.

– If you do not say God is in a difficult position for the team against the Estonian, would you be able to speak in Hungary on the field? & # 39;
– We will remind everyone that there is a complete crew behind the national team. If we were to get to the point that the Ulysses English, Spanish or Italian would not reach the soccer, some of us can give them useful advice in their first language. At the same time, there are many benefits to work in Kispest in the bottom of 2011, one of which is to give basic tactical instructions to football players if necessary.

"Can you imagine a situation that can undermine your silence?"
"Certainly, it would be like that, but I do not want to live.

DRAWINGS: Dénes Dibusz
(Ferencváros) Count David (Budapest Honvéd), Adorable Devil (Mol See FC)
(Budapest Honvéd), Tamás Kádár (Kiev Dinamo – Ukraine), Korhut Mihály (Hapoel Beer-Seva – Israel), Ádám Lang (CFR Cluj – Romania), Willi Orbán (RB Leipzig – Germany), Vinicius (Mol See FC)
midfielder: David Holman (Slovak Bratislava – Slovakia), Zsolt Kalmár (FC DAC 1904 – Slovakia), László Kleinheisler (Astana – Kazakhstan), István Kovács (Mol See FC), Ádám Nagy (Bologna – Italy), Pátkai Máté (Mol See FC)
DONORAU: Daniel Böde (Ferencváros) Balázs Dzsudzsák (al-Ittihad Kalba – United Arab Emirates), Million of the Tree (Budapest Honvéd), Great Dominic (Legia Warszawa – Poland), Ádám Szalai (Hoffenheim – Germany), Ugras Roland (Atromites – Greece), Varga Roland (Ferencváros)

The League of Nations

November 15, Thursday
20.45: Greece-Finland
20.45: Budapest, Groupama Arena, Hungary-Észtország
November 18, Sunday
20.45: Budapest, Groupama Arena, Hungary-Finnország
20.45: Greece-Estonia

1. Finland 4 4 – – – – 5-0 5 12
2. Greece 4 2 – – 2 3-4 -1 6
3. HUNGARY 4 1 1 2 5-6 -1 4
4. Estonia 4 – – 1 3 3-6 -3 1

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