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Prince Harry's journey, fever predictions about the prince's offspring were canceled


Prince Harry's journey, fever predictions about the prince's offspring were canceled

Prince Harry's official visit to Amsterdam on Wednesday was canceled. Following the announcement of Friday at Buckingham Palace, the speculation that they can announce the birth of Harry and his first wife, Princess Meghan, has been revived.

Prince Harry's journey, fever predictions about the prince's offspring were canceled

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Prince Harry – II. Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter, the son of the princess of Charles Crown Prince and the late Diana – would have traveled to Amsterdam on Wednesday, and on Thursday to Hague, where he held a major international sports campaign for British soldiers and the Commonwealth who suffered permanent injuries, " The days "about Invictus Games 2020" was launched.

Friday's announcement of the cancellation of the Hague Program on Thursday will not be available until Friday, but Wednesday's visit to Amsterdam says that "logistical press escort considerations" are missing. The spokesperson for the home and first office of the UK royal family in London did not explain exactly what this reasoning meant.

Harry swore eternal loyalty to actress Meghan Markle on 19 May at Windsor's ancient royal castle. After the marriage, the manager gave the title Prince Sussex or her princess to the couple.

In October the court announced that Princess Meghan was expecting a child. At that time, only two of the two-line publication revealed that the child was expected to arrive in the spring, but t A few weeks ago, Meghan betrayed the first child coming to the world at the end of April or early May.

There are also fierce guesses about where the Duke's offspring will be born. According to yard quotations, Meghan wants her first child at home near Queen 's Windsor residence, and she doesn't want the royal GPs to be present during the birth.

However, other information is that the British National Health Service (NHS) is waiting for the princess at the birth of a public hospital near Windsor, as soon as labor starts. Princess Meghan is surely not bringing her child to Lindo Wing's private obstetric clinic, St Mary's Hospital in London, which is regularly used by the royal family. There were three children of Harry and his brother, Prince William, and William and his wife, Princess Catherine. The Lindo Wing Clinic prides itself on the fact that in the future two UK managers – William and his first son, George – have come to the world.

A remarkable man was going with the three children to Vilmos and Catherine, but Meghan and Harry explained that such a thing could not be said after the birth of their child.

Harry and Meghan's first child will take the seventh position in the British throne, the future grandfather, Charles the Prince, and Prince William, William's three children, and his own father, Harry, sixth in order. throne.

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