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Like you! 1. Chelsea 2. Mol See FC


With a score of 50 minutes, Mol Vidi Georgi Milanov of Greece PAOK in Groupama Arena in the 4th round of the League League of Europe League, with a score of 1-0 and a great deal on. In the other game, Chelsea won 1-0 in BATE Borisov house, so he sure he is moving from the four.

Joy is a pleasure, with another success in the second place with Mol Vidi (Photo: Török Attila)

Europa League

MOL See FC-PAOK (Greek) 1-0 (Milanov 50.)
Arena Groupama, 17 208
views V: Palabiyik (Turkish)


At nine o'clock in the morning, four more tickets are expected, and in thirteen quarters the Mol Vidi website announced that all candidates had sold, so they had a full house before the European League by PAOK. Hungarian football players in Hungary are often not allowed to join a career in such an atmosphere – say that Juhász Rolandek, whose performance has so far, has gained the trust and love of the drummer.

They win … (Photo: Dömötör Csaba)

A quarter at night when Greek bus drivers came to an end in Arena Groupama and among the first to have the club chairman, Ivan Savvidis. All this deserves attention because the billionaire has been banned from the entire Greek stadium for three years, as in March, AEK Athanas, a pistol on his side on the pitch, had asked him to; The referee why he did not score his team at zero. Of course there was no barrier to the president of a football club club to attend the Hungarian conflict. What else could we want him to do to feel the same way after the game than two weeks ago in Thessaloniki when he learned the result …

"We appreciate Vidit for paying a big price," said PAAN's main trainer Razvan Lucescu on Wednesday, who suggested at least that the Greco band would play the most powerful line in Budapest, and of course it will be Players do everything to forget to defeat the country. From this point of view, he was surprised that eleven players did not start for the national team Dimitri Pelkas, while in the first game he had the best performance in his team. Marko Nikolics had no reason for change, so Vidi started the game as he had made a great 2-0 victory over Thessaloniki.

Anyone who saw the White House meetings in the international arena was unexpectedly for the guards to transfer the enterprise to the competitor: let's say that it did not mean by chance that it would only focus on defense. Marko Nikolics is also a good coach because he has been carefully evaluating which football player he has to play with. It is perfectly demonstrated by the fact that the band has a realistic chance of going on after three rounds.

In the possession of the ball, PAOK was clearly growing above Vidi, but Adam's Kovácsik's door was not at risk at all for a long time. Turkish referee Ali Palabiyik did not win the fans like the White House when Attila Fiola showed a yellow card for dirty play after four Belgian football persuaded him to do so.

Male toys (Photo: Török Attila)

PAOK was obviously in a position to see that Ádám Kovácsik was almost always trying to break the ball in Stopira, and because the Cape Verde defender was trying to earn more than the average, he did not try to win over the head , but he was "supportive" so he can not interfere with the game. This may also play a part in Vidi much less information about the PAOK gate.

He took half an hour to Szabolcs Huszti to put Marko Scsepovics in front of the bar, and while his ball was making a long strike (goalkeeper Alexandros Paszhalakis had to rescue his goal from far), he showed he could find a hole in protecting the Greek. With the help of possession of Fiola Attila, Vidi could lead, but Georgi Milanov's first shot was blocked and left the second game.

Szabolcs Huszti's great position came into a serious strike in the first half of the second half, so that Vidin would be an advantage in the 50 minutes.

It was incredible to see Vinicius sprint on the left hand side, Georgi Milanov And there's no words for her great head too! 1-0

Unnecessary to say, PAOK had to face more risk in terms of consequences, so it could be included that patients would have patience and an opportunity to reach another hit.

It was an awful loss that Georgi Milanov was unable to complete the meeting, and Szabolcs Huszti also asked for another, but Vidit could not be cut today. Boban Nikolov beat Bianconeri close to doubling the advantage, but – apart from the Greek drummer – no one was sorry for the current score of 1-0 to defeat.

Only at the top of the table can talk about all the Belari footballers, they are superhuman and have played a huge heart, and in fact they did not give them the best of them as a high competition. After Chelsea was forced to win and win in Borisov, Juhász Rolandék went enormous for the move.


BATE Borisov (Belarus) -Chelsea (English) 0-1
(Giroud 53.)
Borisov Arena. V: Dabanovics (Montenegrin)

1. Chelsea 4 4 – – – – 6-1 5 12
2. Mol See FC 4 2 – – 2 3-3 0 6
3. PAOK 4 1 – – 3 4-5 -1 3
4. BATE Borisov 4 1 – – 3 4-8 -4 3

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