Saturday , May 28 2022

Lidl is back in the kitchen


In the interests of consumers, Lidl Magyarorszg published a term review.

According to the sales website, there may be salmonella contamination in a cell network.

Here's the cg back there

"Pizza Mikado network 20g cell "where the following kt data has to be listed at the same time:

– Quality date: 12.03.2020

– Inquiry: L803101.

In manufacturing, tested quality assay showed Lidl salmonella contamination.

Salmonella bacteria can be infected with fertility infection.

However, the careful treatment causes the destruction of Salmonella bacteria, and the use of the pizza schnitzel used in the case of salmonella.

IllusztrciForers: Shutterstock

The idea is that, if they were looking for the season for the time period mentioned above,

do not use it, but bring it back to Lidl.

Y vtelrat – the award confirms the receipt – the email is back.

The term backpressure excludes some of the above features. For sales products with Lidl, repayments do not apply. Lidl Hungary Bt., In the company's brand name, has caused the inconvenience caused by it.

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