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Kocsis: We have to defeat immigration parties on Sunday!

On Sunday at the European Parliamentary elections, we have to defeat the immigrant parties because our future is in jeopardy, the leader of parliamentary party Fidesz on Thursday stressed in Makó, a street forum.

Máté Kocsis said that the decision on immigration and social transformation can no longer be copied. Fidesz believes that strong nation states make Europe great, as the history of the continent shows. In contrast, the federalist, who is trying to unite central control in Europe, said the politician, adding that this debate is secondary if we cannot defeat the immigration parties.

We feared that what they had to endure for days or weeks in 2015 would be a constant part of their everyday lives, ”said the squad leader, who asked; The voters support Fidesz and KDNP politicians because they are the only ones in Hungary to stand up to prevent immigration.

When it came to national interests – not at home or in the European Parliament – we could not count on the support of opposition members. All their representatives – from István Ujhelyi to Péter Niedermüller – voted for all the decisions that supported the immigration movement, "said Máté Kocsis.

The policy that we insist on telling ourselves that we want to live with each other is a common issue where, although not with opposition politicians, we can find a common voice, "he said. T cohort leader.

János Lázár (Fidesz), who encouraged attendees to vote, said that decisions made in Brussels would directly affect their lives, so that they could not stay out of them.

According to MP from the region, there are two types of politician, one serving his country and the other selling it. There is a difference in the commitment to home and national interest, ”he added.

“Those who oppose us and who are today in Hungary, can sell this country at any time for a lens lens. As they did at any time, they managed the country. For the first time the country's property was sold, and then, in the 2004 referendum, his soul was János Lázár said.

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