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Kirly Gbor was a Baltic and Baltic issues, Rzsa Dniel


The OTP Bank Alliance will have a Saturday evening rush with fans of Halads Gal Blint, a 1-0 homeman defeated Ferencvrost, who won the first points of the Szombathely team, Ferenc Horvth, who was named in September.

The Szombathelys did not score points in the NB I with the help of Ferenc Horvth, but there were many runners in the series. In contrast, the Sergej Rebrov fvrosi had more and more attention, and most of the time against the MTK. The team had a similar success with a couple for a while, but the Halads continued to improve the glklnbsge, and Ferencvros was worse at Vidi mgtt when the szombathely piece was carried out , where 2-1 won the home championship.

In the previous season, Halads won a great deal of domestic victory against FerencvrosFfot: Mudra Lszl – Origo

The battle was in a good position, they could get the lead in the third minute, but Ivan Petrjak returned the ball, and Ble Lukcic failed six. From the case, the Halads could be released immediately, Priskin Tams, who was a clerk of Fradi, was in a clever position, 14, but Miha Blazic dropped the ball. In the 10 minutes, Rzsa Dniel defeated Leandro with a free kick for 25 minutes.

In the 23 minutes, Marcel Heister conversed with a 18-meter bomb, but Rzsa did so. Three minutes before the Halads, a new ziccer was announced. Ghnai's reagents, Reagy Oosu, Blazic ripped on the left, then scrambled the ball near Dibusz Dnes, but Leandro caught the ball out of the door. In the 29 minutes, Priskin turned out, making a bomb of 23 m, but avoiding the right als ball.

Ferencvros started second in a row, in the 49 minutes Davide Lanzafame beat Bde Dniel by just one hundred.The Halads came in 52 minutes. After kicking free on the right, Szpirovszki of Ferencvrosi led Mrkot Jagodics, and Farkas dm jtkrade fired the ball to the penalty spot. The ball went away with Gal Blint, the inside with a ball to the left, but Dibusz dropped the ball away, but the ball turned under the horn.

In the 57 minutes, the Fradi girls offered a fourteen penalty. Lanzafame's 16 hours started to Tams Lszlrl, then he went to the top of the board, but Farkas came to the case and pointed to him.

In continuity, Ferencvros seized everything on one leaflet. In the 71 minutes, Jancs Andrs dropped a ball, but Bde Dniel dropped back in 14 yards, but did not save the gate at Szombathely. A few minutes later, Leandro drove the Fradi tank into a stiff spot, but Rz pointed out in the hands of the ball.

In the 77 minutes, Ferencvros was also awarded. Fernando Gorriarn dropped a swirling ball away, and Tams Lszl caught the ball in the air. Farkas dm jtkvez had been reluctant to do so, paying attention to the penalty spot. The ball went to Davide Lanzafame from Italy, and left the goal on the left, but Rzsa gave the flue.

In the 87 minutes, the Italian team would have been equal. A handful of balls hit him, and 11 yards left the gate to the left, but Rzsa came up with a bravar in the corner and could.

In the past few minutes, Ferencvros Halads made sixteen, but he did not know. Halads won the first win with Ferenc Horvth, so Leon Ferencvros won the first prize at Honor.

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