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I've been organized by Maccabi European Courses in Budapest


The 15th Maccabi Eurpals is held in Budapest, which is still the largest adult event in Hungary. There are more than 2500 sports in 30 countries, more sports and more, and more than a thousand fans coming to Budapest for a few days – to make the event true.

There are 30 countries around the world, not just Eurasian. It will be on hand USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and naturally Israel Maccabi is also a trap. This is the best sport in Europe O United Kingdom, England and France it's coming after a Viking VAC Maccabi, which is He called our largest representative so far for the 15th Maccabi Eurpa Jkt.

In more than 25 sports, tournaments are organized for three years. Youth, adult and senior sports can also be named. There are around 2500 breast athletes mg. There are 500 people accredited for training, and here are the organizers There are up to 3000 fs available for the season. That is why the organizers and managers have a high priority, as well as the certainty that they are related to BRFK and TEK employees.

Members & Board were the first to be formed by Board members and Directors, led by Deutsch Tams, a member of the MTK, responsible for selling Jnos.

Maccabi Eurpa SweepsPhot: Polyk Attila – Origo

Deutsch Tams said nothing to do with MTK-plyn j Hidegkuti Nndor Stadion, the focus of the competitions at the Kerepesi Sports Park will be in place of Ludovika, National University of Szeged University. He will also be the leader of Vdnki Testlet who will also lead the Sportpark Kerepesi 2020-2021.

The biggest team competition in Ludovika Arn, the knight at Ludovika Huszrlovard Orczy Garden is also a classic feature. Not only is Maccabi Jtkok a sport, but also an exciting cultural, religious and religious event with concerts, homicides and music programs. Here is Orczy Garden, where the competition takes place every night for a multi-vendor and diva announcement for several races and races.

It is important to put mg Alfrd Hair Salon Sports Center, y MTK vrosmajori tennis and skate, a Lantos Mihly Sports Hall soccer, and alcuddobozi Golf Club and Pannonia Country, where golf competitions are held.

Phot: Polyk Attila – Origo

This is the first time in the country and the hossztvfuts, as it is one and the treasure of Bringa Fiesta, the latter is a Vrkert Bazrbl starts at Budapest Night Run will. By breaking this competition, all of the competitions are organized by the Hungarian Sports Federation.

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