Monday , January 17 2022

Ingka Group announced


The Ingka Group (Ingka Holding B.V. and joint venture companies) accelerates its transformation process by increasing its investments in new and existing IKEA service centers and service centers. separately town centers ac puts more emphasis on its online trading interface to better serve the needs of your customers and make it more comfortable and affordable for others. In order to strengthen the future IKEA situation, the company redirects all its sections.

Based on many years of stable growth, the Ingka Group, as part of its transformation, assesses and simplifies all its departments to focus more on customer services. Creating 30 new IKEA contact points, investing in server and digital networking networks will create 11,500 new jobs over the next two years. In the meantime, 7500 out of the 160,000 jobs will be lost, mainly affecting global functions and back offices in ten countries.

The Ingka Group CEO is Jesper Brodin says: "We continue to grow and our performance is strong At the same time, we see that the commercial environment changes and changes. We adapt our business to customize our customers quickly, to meet changing needs at all times in better and new ways. We will place more emphasis on putting our existing stores into even better shopping experience and taking the opportunity to renew our company in a way that is consistent with our history, culture and & Our values ​​are governed by our corporate values ​​and builds our inclusive, honest and open culture. We will continue to support our colleagues as best as possible during the change. "

The transformation process involves testing a new city center approach in 30 cities, complementing the larger stores of the company as well as improving our digital portfolio and service to provide a wide range of lifestyle choices and needs and choices to customers.

Tolga Öncü, Commercial Director of the Ingka Group he added: "Over the next three years, we will be able to reach our customers easier and comfortable thanks to new shop forms, urban locations and better digital equipment, which means that with our customers we can contact you when however and wherever you want, our product and service varies in a variety of ways and at an affordable price. To do this, we will redesign our management, organizing and working, and developing new solutions to keep more In-house talents We will support them in close cooperation with all employees during the change. "

Following the business shift directions set by the Ingka Group, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia will place much more emphasis on comfort and affordability, multi-channel trade and sustainability. In a complete transformation framework, IKEA also simplifies the operation of the region as well as creating dozens of new jobs in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia with the development of the next two years. From 3 3 3 current jobs in the three countries, 33 can disappear, mainly back office posts.

"We see in the three countries that people enjoy and combine different methods, including buying online and shops, which is why we would like to offer them the best possible service on each channel. We would like to invest in the development of our existing 9 stores in the region and opening new IKEA meeting points, launching new services and improving existing ones, digital solutions and sustainability improvements " He said Mounia El Hilali, Hungarian Commercial Manager – Czech Republic – Slovakia.
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