Monday , April 12 2021

Index – Economy – There were half a dozen companies to Mészáros from Simicska

The Index wrote that the former publicity company Lajos Simicska, the public advertising company, Euro Publicity Kft., Perchnogaeth Lajos Simicska was József Vörös. From the article, it was also revealed not only this advertising company, but also four others were the Red József Hyder Lőrinc Mészáros. Red Mészáros represented earlier on a land auction, and was the legal president of the foundation college of the transformation academy, but also on the private machine that the oligarch traveled and accompanied the Chelsea-Vidi game.

In October, the only shareholder was in the Mezor agricultural company, where Lajos Simicska and his wife, and Zsolt Nyerges, had been a previous shareholder. At the beginning of November it became clear that Red Interest was Euro Publicity, Pro A Ltd and Pro B Kft., B-Reklám Kft., Megapolis Media Zrt., Publimont Kft., Plakát Kft and Mundus Invest Zrt. Also.

Previously, Pro A and Pro B had a 70% ownership of Simicska, and Megapolis Media is the company owned by the publisher of the Magyar Nemzet and the Radio Bridge Chain. Goch has a pretty good series as a supervisory board member in Mavir, who is responsible for distributing electricity.

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