Monday , June 27 2022

Index – Economy – His dirty piece was shared by Nébih in XI. area


A number of hygiene shortcomings have been identified by the National Food Chain Office Office (Nébih) in a home delivery service, Budapest XI. a restaurant, and for food that could not be traced, he placed a fine of several million forints – according to the announcement of Nébih Tuesday.

During the investigation, it was found that all employees did not have a valid medical examination at Bod Péter Street, operated by Vorotex Hegy Kft. In the economic corridor, food preparation and storage were also carried out, while the dry goods and food remains in the same river were stored in an unfinished form. In the fridge room, different foods with a combined hygiene award were held at risk of cross-contamination. There was no insect war in the open window of the cooking room, and in the room there were insects.

During the examination, Nébih drew more than 34 kilograms of raw material from the market, most of which was not traced, but foods with shelf life were also over.

According to the collection of further data, the authority's experts found that a large amount of food was sold through the online shop, which had beef, but the restaurant did not have an invoice, so it did not exceed 360 kilograms of gig tracking and its origin can not be justified.

Due to the detected offenses, the food business operator and the restaurant was required to pay a fine of several million dollars. Nébih stressed that we will continue to examine the adequacy of the food provided to the house in the future.

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