Thursday , May 26 2022

Index – Domestic – Majka: If you don’t shit, lie next to me in covid class!


Dear Stork! If you’re not shit, Come to the covid class if there’s blood in your pussy. If I have to push a bed beside me, come here without a mask. Looking forward to it. We don’t even have to talk about covid.

Majka told a vlogger, who questioned the weight of the virus, while a space nurse took blood from the rapper. The invitation starts from the 7th minute of the video.

May 15 days of treatment with coronavirus. Now that his condition has deteriorated again, he does not know when he will be discharged from hospital. One lab performed worse than expected. It takes antibiotics for two types of inflammation, and the steroids are taken back so that the host’s immune system can respond.

Obviously, one expects the values ​​to be as good as possible and pull the hell out of here.

He said of the rapper’s condition, which was very disturbing that Gődény told the Index that he could test positive for himself at any time and try to avoid his responsibility to take this disease seriously.

György Gődény, the epidemic, is going for a coronavirus test

After denying the epidemic, you must now deny it is a coronavirus.

He invited Majka Gődény to join him:

Grab the lightning, eat of my food. Drink my smoke! Admit that, you might suck if you’re infected with the virus, but figuring there’s blood in your pussy, we’ll talk to Mr Gődény.

Says Majka, who has been battling at least as much viral suspicion over the past two weeks as the infection that led to her being admitted to hospital. Majka’s interactive active stress logs are increasingly weakening the views of virus deniers, to use more fashionable words: virus realists. That is, they will be vaccinated with Majka.

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