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Index – Culture – Gábor Wéber becomes F1 commentator on the M4


2019/05/21. 18:34

Gábor Wéber, who has worked as a professional commentator, on BBC Sport will broadcast the Monaco One Formula Grand Prix. After the departure of Zoltán Szujó, the channel also developed a new concept for mediation, writing

He has been involved in broadcasts for two decades, but in Monaco he will be the lead commentator. In the studio, free riding lessons will include the canal's traveling reporters, Róbert Bobák, Máté Újvári and Ádám Szeleczky.

There were two commentators for the races, partner Wéber, Norbert Kiss, European champion truck driver, or Michelisz Norber hiker.

The changes were due to the unexpected departure of Zoltán Szujó, the commentator rose after 18 years, he referred to human and professional reasons in his statement to the Index, which spoke about reducing F1 broadcasts. MTVA charged the contract of breach of contract.

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