Saturday , July 2 2022

Index – Culture – All records were demolished by the Thrones throne


In the local time on Sunday night, the final chapter of Throne of Thrones, the sixth part of a series of eighth chapter, which, as expected, was stunned by the TV industry was predicted: The Reversal decided not only on its previous record , but also wrote the Mafiosia. TVLine.

The episode was only watched in real-time on a Sunday night, which defeated the series itself last week: "only" 12.5 million people followed the last conflict at the end of the show. To date, the record has been held by the Opening Party in the Third Season of the Mafios with 13.4 million viewers, but others are now owned by HOP HOPonent itself.

In all HBO platforms (TV, HBO GO, and HBO NOW), a total of 19.3 million people watched the serial lock, which once again reached the 18.4 million record of the previous chapter.

In addition, viewers rated grade C (Hungarian scale 3) for the final part, which is at least better than the whole season: grade C. By the way, we also agree: our episode criticism will be read soon on the Index.

The eighth season average was 44.2 million hits, representing a 10 per cent increase over the 7th term. Real-time viewing was part of the season: 11.8, 10.3, 12.07, 11.8, 12.5, and finally 13.6 million viewers.

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