Thursday , June 30 2022

I barely sleep and choke for days


He dressed horribly, but did not suffer István Pison’s coronary infection. The 31-year-old vlog footballer, Honvd’s manager, said it helped him fight the hv illness.

Pisont was diagnosed with the disease in October. The battle began with the kr.

“I prayed a lot to God, not only myself, but the whole world. I was constantly relaxed. The khgsem didn’t stop, I could not rest, I could hardly sleep for days. I started drowning often, so I had to be up all the time. On the tenth or sixth day, I also thought about going to krhz “ Pison shouted at Honvd’s Facebook page, picking.

He wore it horribly, but did not suffer István Pison’s coronary infectionForrs:

I wanted me not to lose consciousness, I was aware that I would come out of the disease. It takes time, and I asked God to help me stay calm,do not pnikoljak. “I must give him a thousand,” said the coach. He would not have flourished without his loved ones.

“My family members carried out a free quarantine to help my daily life. So much I was weak that I wouldn’t have been able to go down space or water. I drank, my head was hot. It was a very difficult day Pison complained.

On the other hand, it was a great part of getting to work again.

“After two weeks of quarantine, it was really good to be back, to be healthy again. I’m sure everything will be fine now, “he said.

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