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Honestly, would it have been the end of the battle of Thrones that you liked?

How to sew a yarn Battle of Thrones last term? Trap and sharp bends or take a great story and develop a good predicted character? Did they ruin the end or make a huge mistake, which sketched and rewritten the end of the series? Our time – taking a spoiler – to balance the balance, to see what happened in this blood vessel, and it's time to get some hard enthusiasm. It is also fault, but will be less.

Game over: a Battle of Thrones ten years, eight terms and seventy three chapters came to an end. Well, there is a bang, one of the hundreds of TV series running, to complete, we could say whether we had spent the last ten years in a bike inside, but there are someone who follows the pop culture a little, knows that Battle of Thrones not one of many: we are talking about cultural history. Why, for its economic, entertainment, psychological and its consequences here and here.

And this cultural history will also be part of what kind of opposition was surrounding last season and its ending, one million signatures on the petition, calling for re-engagement with the season, stream hate never seen in social media, resulting in low scales ever – IMDb currently The chapter, Rotten Tomatoeson, is 4.4, 48% – while the last part has reached a record, and many and took a day off after the end. Just over 13 million people watched television Iron Ross and over 19 million people were interested in the chapter, and this number is doubled, given that, according to HBO statistics, 44 million viewers are on average per chapter.

Of course, the interesting question – and currently unknown – is that many of these millions of people hate the great majority they saw, or just one high minority who cries & The hate that the web is experiencing with the whole season, especially the closed part. This possibility is not glued at all: we know the heavy psychological phenomenon that most of them feel that expressing their views is more important, which has a negative view, while the satisfaction is quiet in themselves – especially now, who would express a positive opinion, able to count on a strong wind.

Season has been wrecked

Although, usually in social media, our season spins the season, we must admit that the eighth season is on the outskirts of some fronts. The pitiful deer faults like the modern objects left in the set are very horrible circles, especially because Thrones are fightingone of the world's greatest strengths is the detailed, thoughtful and rich visual world created with embarrassment. And, of course, everyone is making a mistake, and HBO was still dealing with the issue with the most sympathetic self-irony, but it showed something about thousands of the season, that wasn't the shooting than the work after the months showed a mistake to anyone who saw a more attentive viewer the first picture. As it seemed that nothing was going on the chapter without compromising the ability to participate. What is crazy speed, what kind of hunt could this job have if he were fit?

Oops. Photo by HBO

And this highlights an even more burdensome issue that cannot be satisfactorily answered. There we are

why did you have to finish the series now at fast speeds?

And sadness is not the sad fan who doesn't want his favorite story to end. It 's totally incomprehensible, if there' s a series that record record number ever and so make serious money on the kitchen, so that source to continue with the work, isn't it; The actress wants to give her the best, while the scenario seems to be moving too much yarn to keep her quiet to lead the events without discomfort, kidnapping and powerfully, t then why did you have to go through the head of the story during two elaborate seasons? Of course, there may be compelling factors, but it is hard to believe, if it were not full term, but two or three episodes would not be suitable – and that would have been enough to be able to deliver. The important events are slightly more harmonious, presenting and explaining the story lines and features a little better.

However, there is no time left to clarify some moments. I do not think that the exact fate of each actor is expressed in biographical loyalty, or that all events should be reassured in a comfortable way – let's not be ovis so as not to control some uncertainty, especially in this story, which is so unpredictable. But one or two more chapters may have been enough to fit one-to-one explanations about issues that hit holes in the logic of the story. For example, after running the Dany King in Amarillo, a host of dothraki moods on the victory as we saw in the fight against Deres – more specifically we did not see – in a few minutes, their full destruction of the lights of their fiery weapons in one of the best chapters in the episode to be darkened, and there was no return, only a few horses scared. Now were the dead dead or were there a few thousand stock? Similarly, how many are still Makulathan and north after the events in Treres and the Castle? They got a GPS transmitter that they all survived the dragon fire? Mystery – a mystery that could have been explained in a single time scoring board.

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An example of this can be done without a dozen more problem, and some of them go further than some logical beats. For example, in order to explain the motives of the Night King and Others, the supporters are appropriately asked about the writing team – this is just a short and foggy response, although it certainly answered Martin. He also refers to the fact that the Czech King, the King of the Night King Vladimír Furdík he could give a very clear answer to the question that he thought he was moving the King of the Night: revenge – but if he knew this, he was explained to him either by the writers or by the directors, so that he could have explained for us, the viewers, say, and Bran in a post flash view about Other History, just as Jon's origin was shown to us. The other question is that the Night King, the Others, and the Undead have died so lightly, and then the more bloody warfare went on the same way, so our talk is convincing about the human character. We can also attribute this smoothly George R. R. Martin, knowing Fire and Ice SongIt is not the big, evil, but human enemy of itself, that is the greatest threat to mankind.

Similarly, emphasizing the importance of Bran inappropriately is also a valid criticism of the authors: in fact, in his series, his figure did not get the attention he was looking for – in a whole season we didn't see it – so was obviously he sees many of Bran's crowning as an unexpected success. In her books, her role is much more important, the series simply handled the wrong weight. But, as with the others, there is also an interpretation in relation to him that fits completely with Martin's world, and we send a very understandable and important message: because since he came tri-ram king, Bran, as he himself said, does not really want things. In his words, his personal aspirations and passion will not hide his view, as they did with Robert King, Cersei, Joffrey, Robb Stark, Dany, even Jonas.

Bran is almost a Buddha,

it is not so bad for an empire leader.

Main TV performance

And although the above is still valid, it is difficult not to agree Sophie Turnerwhen I call the re-engagement petition is disrespectful. Now let's look at the fact that asking to recycle a series of millions of dollars is not less ridiculous than collecting money to release Isaura eye surgery or Esmeralda. But unless the four-year-old is talking about it, it's easy to see that hundreds of people have been treated, criticized constructively for a year and a half, but spitting on the face of such a venture is not so innocent lawfully. Here too, ZS category can not be called only beneficial, and our audience Melissa McCarthyWe are talking about comedy, but a series of state-of-the-art TVs that the author's scandal and inconsistency cannot be denied.

Photo by HBO

For example, this face-to-face classroom petition starts a great actor performance Emilia Clarke and Peter Dinklage he did the whole series, but especially this season. Clarke went with the human rights fighter and the humanist politician through the naive little girl, and only in the last two seasons did he want the power of reigning lightly, making her love is bearing fruit, and finally, to obsession and tyranny megalomania. it was quite indifferent because the authors did not help his work. He has at least a Golden Globe nomination, and unless he is unexpectedly hit by an unexpected player, he probably will get the prize.

The situation is the same for Dinklage, which practically had carried the whole series on his back, giving him a steady performance. Because he had been for a while, Tyrion's character was the one who played and won the real throne of the throne – because Lannisterége could be near the fire, but he wasn't taken seriously because of his dwarf, he was in house and someone from the outside. Meanwhile, it was a guide to the viewers through this world, symbolizing a series of things that we tied to the series: drinking, shaking, retaliation, politicization, and mixing; The pages to survive while genius and dedication could be naive at once, and so that he even made his most difficult actions acceptable, even though he had separated himself, he remained moral. And Dinklage did that without much effort, he worked with most of the other actors, he was the bond that coincided with the story of this mil-story. No wonder he got the most important part of the last part, the monologue for Jon, and then the key phrase for good stories, as well as his host "asked again 10 years", and the concluding sentence.

Of course, the act of acting was always strong Thrones are fightingbut I will say a few more things that would be important to know – and it is likely, from a historical point of view, will be recognized without question. For example, the final year and the finale were extremely strong, musical, never turning our medieval or woeful style, but they did not make any ultramodern aram-garde killer to a stranger. Likewise with the excitement of hitting the emotional strings: the second episode of the last episode before the midst battle before the storm, the tension, death and emotion rider Brienne, with Podrick's song, for example, was quite brilliantly, as almost all the small mains received the character of the main throne and farewell to him, without pushing the unlucky happy end to the story.

Photo by HBO

As Tyrion said about Jon's fate, almost every character is true: no one is too happy, that is, it's probably a good compromise. Nobody has ridden to the ideal sunset, even in the apparently successful seals, there are many difficulties. She became Queen Sansa, a triumph, but she probably had more control than wearing a very beautiful dress. Arya sailed to unknown waters, which, of course, is a good adventure, but the unknown is also a big danger where it is likely that she will need her survival skills. Bran has to, though he is an empire governor, rebuild a country that has broken, Jon, though he could return to where he could be the most relaxed – and finally he could scream with & # 39 Spirit – for the rest of his life, he might never be very happy about guilty guilt.

And although these sad, heavy, bittersweet emotional threads have been deceived, Benioffs also have to write about not forgetting about Thrones are fightingfunny of humor is truly delightful as a counterpoint to a lot of blood and mystery, even in the darkest episodes. In this case, the finale was particularly strong, Edmure Tully broke a terrible embarrassment of speech, almost all speeches by Sam, Tyrians and the government discussing the endless joke about the fried ass, but it is not the case. n great that

it was a moment of silence for a moment when the lords of the country laughed at the idea of ​​free democracy and elections.

Fine layers, hidden messages

As we have already said D. B. Weiss and David Benioff there was undoubtedly a lot of cornea committed. But it is also obvious from the previous paragraphs that they had not spoiled everything, and even with some careful attention, they could find a variety of great treats that had gone through the series easily to t get a report and close in the last term and the last chapter. For example, the predictions in the whole series were confirmed: indeed all Cersei's children died, and he did not really control himself for a long time, and indeed he was taken over by a more beautiful queen. This prophecy also included a large part of the booklet, the "valonquar" that a younger brother will kill, but this – and this shows that Benioffs knew what they were doing – part of The prediction in the series was not included, so it didn't have to deal with it either. What the book will do about this will come out, but Martin is likely to be somehow differently based on his blog post in days. Satisfying the prophecy of Arya from Melisandre, we know that she will close all sorts of colored eyes forever, the witch told her, including blue eyes – that was about killing the King of Night. And the most important prophecy about Azor Ara was fulfilled: Jon killed his girlfriend to bring a long night that did not come with the coming of other people to an end but with the reign of Dany.

It also made good use of a visions and references tool, and at the end of the series it became apparent that none of the visions had occurred in the way they were all. For example, completed the vision seen by Dany in the second season, Quarth, where we stand in the wall throne room that has somewhat torn and watched Vastrastin, while white flakes fall from & # The air has been completed in the series. What we thought then was that snow was actually ashes. It also proves that this is not all an explanation, but wrote an assumption that the creators of this picture are not in the book, Benioffs in the story. Two seasons later, in the fourth season, they were anticipating Dany's vision in mind: when he saw Bran, when he was touching the trees of the heart, the shadow of the dragon flew over King Roof roofs.

As well as fans whistles discoveries of this kind, predictions of such kind, and the advent of references as Robin Arry, who has become a hot young man of child Nyomi, he has a different role to play: t they combine distance-time events, predictions for the future, pointing references back to the past. With this, they remember the threads of events, actors and important locations that are important economically (or even later) that are either no longer important or no time to explain. And whatever we think about the end of the series, Benioffs were treated harshly.

Just as they passed messages that would, I suppose, open the bike in the fans' pockets, because they would face everything that was built in the story through the seasons, reminding them that they didn't. nothing in Martin's world as the first – or even much It seems that what seemed important was, in fact, a mistake and the importance of the characters could not be reinforced. For example, many now ask that one of the greatest secrets of the story, Jon's origin, is not important, and why he's not sitting on the Inverse – like Ned Stark's death, because we thought he was main character, too. Yet Jon's fate tells me quite clearly, and he even sounds in the Tyrone monologue to the Grand Council: only the suffering must be brought to an end, the wheel t it must be broken, bringing a rule of birth rights. And we send another good message next to him: nobody is equal to his name, his parents, his blood, his origins, but a man who can do good or bad things. It's a lovely fact that Jon, moreover, is not the first Targary in the Night Guard.

Photo by HBO

It was also a nice message that Drogon had burned the counter. That's a great message is this: it was all about a little iron pile for the cold, hard, uncomfortable, violent, violent, stupid symbol, which shows it is more important and more than Dany, which is; n tell you a little. Drogon appears to have felt that Dany had been killed by the Opposition and decided to end. How deliberate it will be, the writers will make sure at one point, but many authors have noted that Drogon has made a subtle direction. The Lord of the Circles: The Vastrón is quite similar in nature to the One Ring.

A symbolic object symbolizing absolute power and therefore distorting the personality of those who come close to it t

and it is common that they die by fire. Otherwise, there are many direct references to the final J. R. R. Tolkien classic: Jon's farewell to the Stark is very similar to the scene when The King is back at the end Frodo is sailing with the gnomes.

It is rather powerful, but it also refers to the last journey of the elves that Arya is going to unknown waters – which, incidentally, also predicts: in the sixth term he once said he wanted to travel to west Wales. from Wester once. In addition to this, the authors have returned to themselves, as the series closes with the same picture they opened: in the final pictures, Jon and Tormund start over the wall with The game, and in the first location in the series some of the Guardians are the same. The only important difference is one last point: as Jonson leaves the wall in the last picture, they walk along a small green shoots of the icy land – showing that spring is approaching, the end of this world is under lightly, George RR before Martin who Dream of Spring, that is, about. Dream of Spring Designs Final Story Book. Who knows when it will be done and what it will include – Martin's recent statement is somewhat foggy, but it suggests that the story will not end, and that there are spangles; n are made with great power. And the fact that the end of his previous light was a lost failure or a huge victory Battle of Thrones Close? It is likely that this will be determined by time, or talk to Crowds, let's go back to this question in ten years.

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