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He made a mistake in Kassa, the Man. The city destroyed six – vi


On the Manchester side of the home, Sahtar Doneck finished 6-0 in the fourth round of the football league championship, but it's not mathematical enough to move to the eighth final, as Hoffenheim replaces Ádám Szalai with ten men's disadvantages and two goals as a guest. In the England team match, Viktor Kassai made a mistake before the home goal.

Gabriel Jesus (left) left the first trip in Manchester for the first time (Photos: AFP)

Premier League of England, Manchester City, won 3-0 in Ukraine two weeks ago, with a bigger victory. Pep Guardiola team in the 13 minutes David Silva The Spanish midfielder Rijad Mahrez arrived past the goalkeeper and gave a close look at the goal. This is the third goal of Silva in the current BL period, which had already stimulated its personal peak (1-0).

In the middle of the first half, Viktor Kassai's big mistake doubled Manchester City's advantage. The Hungarian referee Raheem Sterling discovered defender defense defender sixth in Sahtar – while the air in a specific world was not just about kicking in the English land – he was sentenced to a penalty. Gabriel Jesus he donated the gift pencil well and over the ball to the right hand corner on the right (2-0).

Falls fell into a knee, kneeling in the Košice penalty area

After the time sterling He turned into the door of the door of Sahtar, after defeating two defendants. After Sergio Agüero, the national assault in England is the second player in the history of Manchester City who scored at least 10 goals in the Champions League (3-0).

The fourth in the 72 minutes was shot by Jesus, again with a sixteen penalty. The penalty was much more irregular than the first penalty before the Sahtar defender reached the ball before David Silva came through (4-0).

In the minute 84 Mahrez He was also running (5-0). then in the overtime after the Algeria team team was pulled out Gabriel Jesus with an uprising to pick up 6-0 result. A Brazilian team-in-law was able to celebrate the first ever ever in Manchester.

LYON Hoffenheim

In the confrontation between the French and the German team, from the 19th to the 92th, there appeared to be a man. Sahtar is hitting the city, but from Hoffenheim, standing up from taking two hands, Lyon has left a point, so all the questions remain open – at least mathematical.

The French team Nabil Fekir ac Tanguy Ndombele results 2-0 it could take a break from the break. In terms of the final player, he is interesting to have scored his second goal in the fourth phase of the BL, but in the 47th meeting in the French league, he has never been successful yet.

At the beginning of the second half, Kasim's first red card on the first Champions League, Hoffenheim was even more difficult, but he was a good fighter, and was on board with Ádám Szalai. Hungarian national team assault in the 67 minutes, Andrej Kramaric after a lovely goal (2-1) and he could congratulate the track on the field Pavel Kaderabek to get the equal goal (2-2).

Hoffenheim has made a story with this resurrection, as no team has ever improved from 10 to 0-2 in the Champions League.

If Lyon wins, then the hopes of Hoffenheim and Sahtar would continue slipping, but there is still a great battle for the second place in the group.



Lyon (French) -Hoffenheim (German) 2-2 (2-0)
Lyon, OL Stadium, 53 850 barn. led by: Makkelie (Dutch)
aim: Fekir (20.), Ndombele (28ain) Kramaric (65eg), Kaderábek (92eg)
Send away: Kasim (51, Hoffenheim)

Manchester City (English) -Sahtar Doneck (Ukrainian) 6-0 (2-0)
Manchester, Manchester City Stadium, 52 286 barn. led by: Kassai (Hungarian)
aim: David Silva (13th), Gabriel Jesus (24, 72, 92a – the first two out of 11), Sterling (49th), Mahrez (84th)

1. Manchester City 4 3 – – 1 12- 3 9 9
2. Lyon 4 1 3 – – 9- 8 +1 6
3. Hoffenheim 4 – – 3 1 8-9 -1 3
4. Sahtar Doneck 4 – – 2 2 4-13 -9 2

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