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He also stood wounded by the White Castle, which eventually dropped his hand completely


The FTC hockey team announced on Thursday that it had signed a deal with the Hungarian national team, Daniel Kóger.

The 31-year-old, 138-time national team striker was injured in February this year in the first match against the Estonian in the successful Nottingham Olympics. He didn’t get a contract from his previous team, White Castle, for the new season, and as he told the Hockey Blog, he dropped out of his previous club completely.

“However, I came home from the Nottingham tournament so if I need the White Castle, I’ll take on the game as long as there is a chance to go into the playoffs. I discussed this at length with the medical and professional staff and ultimately decided to continue playing at my own risk. That’s how it happened, I was on the pitch throughout the middle section, even though I knew I was risking the injury getting worse, but for me it was my hometown team above all, ”he said .

However, because of the coronavirus, the tournament was disrupted after it received a live contract until March 31, signing the season closing papers.

It was very strange that I had all the documents that were actually used to check me out of the club. Even then, I had a strange feeling that I may not be counted on for sure, but it was an even more important issue for me to recover from my injury.

According to him, he received no assistance, was left alone with the organization of the surgery, and then, also in his own organization, began the recovery.

He was confident that the club would rely on him, he hoped to find a solution, not coincidentally he did not play for another Hungarian team during his career. He thought the first proposal was unfair, but negotiations continued until the end of August.

“When I only had a little detail left, I didn’t get a response to my last email, and didn’t get a response until mid-November,” he said, asking about his position in mid-November.

“I got the answer that, given the circumstances, they can no longer offer me a contract this year. I would like to emphasize that I had no problem with the refusals, as they have already thanked me for my work in other clubs, this includes professional sports.

But I feel it would have been much drier if it had been, let’s say honestly in March: they don’t count on me.

At the age of 18, Dániel Kóger participated in the youth program in Salzburg, Austria for two seasons, and then returned to his parent association, Fehérvár AV19 in the Austrian league, in 2014 after four seasons abroad, mainly ECHL and AHL detours.

He played for the White Towns for six seasons at EBEL (ICE’s current name), in the 2017-18 season he was captain of the team.

He was a standing member of the U18 and U20 national teams, winning several world championships with both seniors.

Since the 2008-09 season, he has also been a staple of the national adult team, and also attended the 2009 and 2016 Group A World Championships, as well as six World Cup I divisions and four Olympic qualifying games.

Featured photo: Tamás Kovács / MTI

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