Friday , December 4 2020

Girl's blood in downtown Budapest

Two women were attacked by a man who was killed by a victim near Blaha Lujza Square.

Greyhound women wished on November 14 on Wednesday night in the street Vas man. His first victim was rescued because they had helped him, but another woman was betrayed by an attacker who, according to the local people, had a knife in his hand. On one street, a resident said he was watching TV when he heard the shouting between 22:00 and 23:00.

"Young people are often high, so at first I did not think there was a problem.

But repeatedly, I heard the screaming scream,

So I looked into the street, but I did not see anything unusual. The next day, the neighbors told us that the men who tried to force a 20-year-old man had been kept by those who were transferring to Gyulai Palace. I was sure that I had heard this, but then one of my neighbors said: they saw politicians looking for surveillance cameras. Police told the residents that an attack had to be done on the street Vas, and eventually the same man succeeded in the success of violence,

because after the first harassment, he walked to the other side where he was holding a girl and raped her.

They say he was under threat of a knife, so he did what the man said to him, "he told Ripost.

The VIII. an area police station for rape against a young man who was caught and asked about doubt that night. On Friday, a criminal supervised man, which means a ban on leaving or arresting a house. So the attacker is not behind the grid, he can defend himself.

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