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The appearance of Apple Charge in Hungary was even higher than expected: after two days, tens of thousands use it, and in the future it is easy to go beyond hundreds of thousands of customers. However, mobile payments are not a novelty at home, we have already paid billions of value.

A prediction of came a few days earlier, and on May 21, Apple Pay was launched in Hungary.

First, after about a year of preparation, OTP introduced the document, which, according to our knowledge, had been well prepared in the financial institution, as all developers had been caught in the period before submission to be the first to start this payment.

They seem to have come in, as they have 10,000 registrations in the first hours, two days later, and Thursday morning, over 30,000 Apple Pay-Marks customers had nearly 40,000 devices. However, this is only the beginning, according to OTP surveys itself, there are even hundreds of thousands of customers who can switch to Apple Pay in the future.

The urgency was also due to the fact that other banks were competing for the presentation, for example, Erste responded to our request that it could pay a good touch to its customers with any suitable smart device within weeks.

On the day of his release in Hungary, the CIB also spoke, saying they would do their best to make Apple Pay available to their customers this year. Although we tried to find out more, until the article was released, we did not respond to our investigation as Erste sent us only the information sent to our customers.

What's this?

Apple's mobile payment system has been operating in the world since 2014 and has undoubtedly been a great success: in the first three days, it has reached a million customers. Here are those who have registered their bank or credit card in the system to be able to pay with their iPhone in places where they receive cash cards (NFC) in the cashier. You can also pay for it online in online stores where we see the Apple Pay logo. It is important to note that the system works not only on iPhone, but also on smart Apple, iPad or Mac viewing. What products you can use with this feature available here.

So the key to the system is that you don't have to take your bank card out at the time of payment – you can leave it at home – keep your phone on the terminal, even if you don't have to open the application. It's enough to have a face-to-face scan or fingerprint scan after a double click, and we've already paid.

Registering is not too complicated: either you need to find the wallet app on your device and record the data there (OTP Mastercard and Maestro accepts credit cards and, in t Unlike Simple, only the cards are published), but Simple OTP or You can also register via SmartBank.

They don't even have to worry about safety concerns: when buying, Apple Pay uses a device-specific number and unique discussion code. Accordingly, the credit card number is not stored on the device or on Apple servers. Moreover, even the trader does not recognize the card number during payment. It is also important to note that the NFC circuit can be switched off on the devices, so it will be invisible to readers of the cards, and you can set a similar purchase card to a bank card, and you can not buy without a code without it. And if we lose our mobile phone, the digital bank card can be banned, just like plastic.

The system is not new

Security use of the system is also shown by the fact that Apple Payt, according to, has already been used by 383 million in 2018, which is the most popular application for mobile payments in the current world, far away. ahead of similar systems like Samsung and Android. Growth is forecast to continue in the future, with transactions US $ 190 billion (currently HUF 55,670 billion) completed in the US by 2021.

By the way, a mobile payment is not a novelty either at home or on mobile phones since 15 September 2016. According to OTP's response to, the two-year mobile mobile call has been used by 175,000 people. people since the launch, with 5 million transactions and more than $ 20 billion purchases.

This is a big jump, by the way, in comparison to a Global economy A year ago he wrote that only 100,000 mobile subscribers could be contacted at each Hungarian bank. One thing is certain: Hungarians are hit by anti-conveyancing payments, for example, two-thirds of card payments are made at the OTP today.

Let's work with each other to keep the facts out of propaganda.

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Let's work with each other to keep the facts out of propaganda.

If you are interested in quality journalism, support our work.

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