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Do not take me in front of my eyes



Sunday, November 11, 2018, 20:04

From the Netherlands, the inconceivable movement of Ocon took the victory. Hamilton is proud of Mercedes and this success, even if it's not all alone. Raikkonen had a better race.

Both Bull Bull were huge in the Brazilian Grand Prix, but the riders played mainly, and especially Esteban Ocon. Max Verstappent's French driver removed the edge, and he would have taken turns, and so he could only get the second place in the Netherlands.

First of all, Max Verstappen was very chaotic standing in front of the Paul di Resta microphone, who was already on the heavily radio that he did not want Ocon to be in front of him. His engineer spoke directly to him after he told the Netherlands that he did not know what to say now answered Verstappen.

"I know what I'm saying, so I'll hope it will not be in my eyes, because otherwise …" – the rest was injecting, but it's like the everyone would say she did not want to invite the Force India pilot for beer.

"I do not know what to say," he began to ask Paul Rest, leaving Verstappen out of the car. "Everything is fine, the car is great, and then there is an idiot that turns over while it's been long. The team worked an excellent strategy, so we could put it Very good fast on secondary, but I can not find words. Obviously, I'm happy for the second place, but that's it … "the second half lost the sentence in Verstappen. "I hope we will have more motorcycles next year."

The Netherlands was so frustrated that the podium had flushed immediately after the results were published, even holding the bottle bottle.

Kimi Raikkönen was able to keep Ricciardo behind him, so that he could stand up to the bottom of the podium: "There were difficult times, but it was good overall. This is not my simplest race. A good car, but it was very difficult to beat it. Unfortunately, we can not say what the tires will look, "he said.

With the Hamilton victory, he secured the 2018 World Cup title at the Mercedes stand: "Honestly, these men in the team have worked so hard for the past six years that something is incredible. That's why we are working on this currently by year, driving us from a race to run, that's why we always take advantage of ourselves. Obviously, I was fortunate to be able to win the and this time, but I'm so proud of the team, because without them it could not have happened. "

"Well, the race was not the way it should have been, we should not have been fighting for that situation. However, I'm proud of this victory because Max is not & # 39; The man who would give her the best. I'm happy to be a member of the Mercedes team, and I can add my extensions to this story. "

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