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BrandContent: Human intelligence can also be treated on humanity


Who would have thought 25 years ago that we would experience self-contained cars in 2018, drones would bring the goods ordered at home and talk to pizzas in chatting? The world's artificial intelligence assembles the world is very stimulating, the work done by meaningful machines – which has oversight and control alone – is much more desirable, and & # 39 ; the term "robotoli" has now won a positive meaning.

Microsoft Hungary celebrated a 25th birthday celebration with the Future Designated Conference, where the possibilities and results of artificial intelligence (MI) were presented with their partners. Large company corporations and administrative customers of the technology company were able to listen to three developments in MI business, the financial sector and the future of the world of work.

Gabriella Bábel, Executive Director of Microsoft Hungary said that artificial intelligence is at the heart of the new era, as it builds on its own by building on the mass of data that is fed by learning machines. There are 570,000 Microsoft development engineers from almost 60 countries improving and informing cognitive services for MI applications to better understand, understand, understand and interpret the needs of human users. And for professionals to make this process more ethical.

Zsuzsanna Mátrai, BBC Government's Communications Director, also said that, if used well, artificial intelligence would be much more humanitarian and human civilization because it really contributes to the development of human ability and creativity . So it should be called human intelligence. He went on to say that the main question of today is not what computers can, but how to use almost unlimited abilities for humanity. The MI will not only change the economy and the technology industry, but the whole society. Cooperation between the state, the private sector, educators and researchers needs to create artificial ethical intelligence.

We have the opportunity to compile the MI in our image, and it will be as patterns showing it as we raise it. This should not be an opportunity, "said Mátrai Zsuzsanna.

It's definitely something that is not artificial intelligence, "said Viktor Dudás, Microsoft Hungary Data and AI specialist from a special area of ​​MI on a machine vision, for example, a very simple object object program on for the cloud of the computer based platform company The system's speed is shown by the fact that the heavenly network is formed for 3 years in a small child, the model is ready by 15 seconds after pressing a button; It makes it easy to distinguish between the two animal species and the number of objects it also fails to recognize that. This is all a mixed service in Microsoft Azure, and the company & # 39; n placed a lot of emphasis on it.

What he does is very good because, according to Forbes, by 2020, there will be 83 per cent of the company workflow in the cloud. This trend was also confirmed by the Praktiker marketing manager. Szilvia Burka said the entire corporate security system of the DIY chain will move into the cloud this year. But there are still business operators who do not fully trust in cloud-based systems. This can change some banks to make the change. For them, actors in the economic sector are considered to be a reference, which is what financial institutions present, but other company decision makers are also more open. These actions have already taken place in Hungary: István Patonai, Head of Technology at K & H Bank, said the digitization process of the IT framework. Not only does it mean that the mail system will be cloud-based, but it will affect all areas of work, not only as a reduction in costs to keep office and data programs clouds. According to a specialist, the labor market also expects banks to have a job and resources from anywhere, anywhere, to work. One of the next gains in artificial intelligence can be banking at a voice, where secure designation is one of the key issues. When asked about when we could introduce them in Hungary, István Patonai replied that our greatest advantage is our biggest disadvantage, the Hungarian language because it is one of the hardest, most understandable and in languages transferable. Looking at current developments on voice, these are likely to be Hungarian only included in longer-term goals.

Akos Kara, Secretary of State for Information and Protection of the Ministry of Technology and Innovation announced that a fast Internet 2.0 program will be launched in December 2018, with the intention of building a network of at least 100 Mbit / s across the country, but ultimately there is an optical and mobile network. In addition, next year, 10,000 and then 90,000 Hungarians will start training in the first round to come closer to the digital world and the information. This will at the same time strengthen the family communities, solving the moisture of the elderly and increasing their safety. The Secretary of State also said by the end of 2022 that the deadline for the completion of the Dyslex Network Program for fast internet or wifi was expelled in schools and schools. He added that as many Hungarian IT teachers as possible were being instructed, and more and more women would be attracted to the programming career.

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