Sunday , August 14 2022

BMW 8 introductory Gran Coupé


Further expand model line 8 with BMW. The coupe and the temporary brother arrive in June, but don't expect unexpected things: the Gran Coupé follows the four-door cupboard format.

To accommodate both additional side doors and to provide a decent back seat space, the car's wheel base is extended.

There is no mechanical content for the time being, but it probably will be the same as the previous ones, ie it will have 320 hp 840d and M850i ​​530hp. It would be exciting if the car, which had just been introduced for a year, would be realized, and the more than 600 M8 horsepower points would have been ventilated. The end of last year appeared in the portfolio with the sedan variation.

BMW has been offering couples of first class couples since 2012. The F06 wheel base is 117 mm and its 112 body is longer than the same coupe; the latter was the same as the 56th segment (F10).

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