Sunday , January 23 2022

An example should be taken … "Suárez told the troubled French


Luis Suárez, star of Barcelona's football team, told Dumbledore Ousmane, who had crossed the last few days after he appeared on training a garden and did not say anything to anyone.

As we said earlier, the young French assault did not appear in the morning training the Catalans one week and a half ago because he complained about illness. As you know, Dembele played video games with friends late on Wednesday, and when he fell asleep, he had forgotten an alarm clock.

The Barca training started at 11 am and the 21-year-old was hit by half by 12 pm on the phone. Dembel complained about the stomach, which the club sent one of the co-members to his house – as he said later, he had nothing to do with the ball- drowned. For blue grenadier, they fear that Dembel is addicted to a video game.

now Luis Suárez, The Catalan attacker told the troubled French.

"I think it's a great privilege to be a football player. He should focus on football and take an example of his professionalism in the Barcelona dressing room."

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