Monday , January 17 2022

Also, the European indices are open


Positive correction can be expected on Wednesday in the European stock markets after weakening the previous day – says MTI.

Based on future indexes, Wednesday trading in securities markets starts 0.2 per cent in London and 0.3 per cent in Frankfurt and Paris.

On Tuesday, European stock markets have been a loss. FTSE EuroFirst 300 European FTSE indices and Stoxx 600 were closed at 1.08 and 1.14 percent, EuroStoxx50 Eurosystem index spring by 1.40 per cent. In London, the FTSE-100 0.76 percent decreased, the DAX in Frankfurt was 1.58 per cent, and Paris CAC-40 was reimbursed by 1.21 per cent. In Madrid, 1.55 percent, in Milan, 1.87 percent dropped by the end of trading on Tuesday.

Those who miss the day were the technology, banking and goods shares sector. The technology sector index was close to two percent, and the banking sector has weakened by more than two percent. The technology sector was largely downgraded by Wall Street weakening, and Brexit paper wraps. Raw material stocks were blamed with doubts about the world's economic growth. As a result, oil prices dropped six percent on Tuesday.

Renault's share rejected 1.2 per cent on Tuesday. The Japanese authorities have arrested the president and CEO of the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Automotive Federation on Monday for financial inconsistencies on Monday. For example, Renault shares have weaken a tenth in Paris on Monday, with a trading of eight and a half percent losing.

On Wednesday, oil prices up the last day corrected past six percent. Brent rose from 1,10 percent to $ 63.22 per barrel, while WTI rose by 1.29 per cent to $ 54.12. US crude oil prices have reduced 1.5 million barrels, unlike expectations, over the last week.

Strengthening the euro from 0.10 percent to $ 1,1381, and gold prices rose 0.11 percent to $ 1222.60 per month.


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