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According to Ocon, Verstappen acted as an amateur, not the Netherlands


With the victory of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen and the Esteban Ocon crash to the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend. Naturally, they all spoke after the race, but Kimi Räikkönen, the third in the race, also said on the very exciting race.

Hamilton (right) joys at the designer's home, Verstappen is disappointed with rash (Photograph: AFP)

Despite the victory of Lewis Hamilton, the key figure at the University of British Doctors Max Verstappen He was. Red Bull driver could have won the race, but in the 44th round, he fought with Esteban Ocon. He left Verstappen out, Hamilton behind him could return to the venue and place and eventually see the party banner. The Netherlands unfortunately said after the grief.

"It was a great car today, I am very happy about it, and the strategy is working well. I could go with my own pace until I was shoot He remembered. – – I believe that the penalty is enough, because if the sports supervisors decide that, then you know who was wrong in the situation. It's easy to say after the race that I had more to lose, but I was trying to run my own. Then suddenly a man ago tries to compete with me and takes a big risk. What can I do then? For me, here is the penalty that I've lost the victory, but I hope we'll laugh again in 15 years. "

Verstappen and Ocon's case did not stop at all, after the attack: the Dutch supervisors were challenged by the Dutch in Oracula, both of which made a decision against Verstappen. At the press conference after the race, Verstappen again spoke about the events.

"I was asking him to ask about it, and it was a stupid answer only. When you're flammable, this happens, but I'm also a racer. Finally, nothing happened and I am not know what was wrong " "Red Bull's pilot deprived of his sixth victory.

of course Esteban Ocont The case also queried that Verstappen should not behave so. Probably, the French did not even know that the video about the minor fighting was almost surfing the Internet, but it was sure that its aggressive opponent was not a good example for the younger generation.

"It was rough and amateur Ocon said. – – The FIA ​​worker had to be blocked. If he did not, he would have been hitting, but it could have been good because everyone could see it. You should not behave as a professional competitor. Immediately after the race you worry that I understand, but you can talk, you do not have to use their hands immediately. We have the battle on the pitch, we are athletes, and many children and TV viewers watch us, and if the events that have taken place today are a huge news item. For me, it's not good at all. "

After meeting people who liked sports, both pilots chatted with each other, suggesting that they had managed to settle the disagreement almost all.

Race does not win Lewis Hamilton has become a Brazilian, and the whole UK team must celebrate – in the Mercedes series, he was awarded fifth place in the world leader of the interlagos builder. Hamilton once again told us how grateful he was to be the Mercedes driver for his success in recent years.

"It was an incredible adventure with them – his teammates and the season told the British. – – That's why everyone worked for the whole year. I have always said the honor to compete with them. Today, we were as good as we were suffering and we had problems until the end of the race. At some point, we were easy targets. "

Although he had to defend his position against Daniel Ricciardo for the last lap, Kimi Räikkönen Finally, he saw the party's flag in the third place, so he could stand on a bridge in Brazil. After the race, the Ferrari competitor was very honorable.

"It was a good and exciting race. We had hard battles, and the car worked well throughout the race "Finland said. We got our speed and we did not have any specific problems. It was a first set of tires at the beginning, but I was a little distressed as I tried to stop Merced. In terms of the strategy, we did what we thought best. Of course, this is not the best result, but I do not think we have more: we did not blame the blame and we were hard. We knew from the manager that he would be hard to have. We did the best we could, but unfortunately this was not enough. The best team won this year, but that's how things are going. "

First Lewis Hamilton Britain Mercedes 1: 27.09.066
second Max Verstappen Dutch Red Bull-TAG Heuer 1.469 seconds.
third Kimi Räikkönen Finland Ferrari 4.764 seconds.
4th Daniel Ricciardo Australia Red Bull-TAG Heuer 5.193 seconds.
5th Valtteri Bottas Finland Mercedes 22.943 seconds.
6th Sebastian Vettel German Ferrari 26.997 sec.
7th Charles Leclerc Monaco Alfa Romeo Sauber 44.199 mp h.
8th Romain Grosjean French Haas Ferrari 51.230 seconds.
9th Kevin Magnussen Danish Haas Ferrari 52.857 seconds.
10th Sergio Pérez Mexican Mercedes-RPFI 1 round h.
11th Brendon Hartley New Zealand Toro Rosso-Honda 1 round h.
12th Carlos Sainz Jr. Spanish Renault 1 round h.
13th Pierre Gasly French Toro Rosso-Honda 1 round h.
14th Esteban Ocon French Mercedes-RPFI 1 round h.
15th Stoffel Vandoorne Belgium McLaren-Renault 1 round h.
16th Sergei Szirotkin Russian williams Mercedes 2 round h.
17th Fernando Alonso Spanish McLaren-Renault 2 round h.
18th Lance Stroll Canada williams Mercedes 2 round h.
Posted on circles circulated cause of loss
Nico Hülkenberg German Renault 32 He gave up
Marcus Ericsson Swedish Alfa Romeo Sauber 20 He gave up
First Lewis Hamilton 10 16 19 383
second Sebastian Vettel 5 11 19 302
third Kimi Räikkönen 1 12 17 251
4th Valtteri Bottas – – 8 18 237
5th Max Verstappen 2 10 16 234
6th Daniel Ricciardo 2 2 12 158
7th Nico Hülkenberg – – – – 11 69
8th Sergio Pérez – – 1 11 58
9th Kevin Magnussen – – – – 10 55
10th Fernando Alonso – – – – 9 50
11th Esteban Ocon – – – – 10 49
12th Carlos Sainz Jr. – – – – 12 45
13th Romain Grosjean – – – – 6 35
14th Charles Leclerc – – – – 9 33
15th Pierre Gasly – – – – 5 29
16th Stoffel Vandoorne – – – – 4 12
17th Marcus Ericsson – – – – 6 9
18th Lance Stroll – – – – 2 6
19 Brendon Hartley – – – – 3 4
20th Sergei Szirotkin – – – – 1 1
First Mercedes 620
second Ferrari 553
third Red Bull-TAG Heuer 392
4th Renault 114
5th Haas Ferrari 90
6th McLaren-Renault 62
7th Mercedes-RPFI 48
8th Alfa Romeo Sauber 42
9th Toro Rosso-Honda 33
10th williams Mercedes 7

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