Sunday , December 5 2021

Yuncai is ready to enter e-sports! Just wait for the authorities to agree ETtoday Game Club | Cloud Cloud News


▲ Lin Botai, general manager of Taiwan Yuncai.

Reporter Zhou Zhiding / Kaohsiung Report

The 10th IESF World Sports Championship, held by the Chinese Republic of E-Sports Association (CTESA), launched by Taiwan E-Sports Alliance (TESL), also hosted the International International Sports Championship during the international e-sports festival this. In the summit forum, Lin Botai, general manager of Taiwan Yuncai revealed for the first time in the forum that the next target of Taiwan Yuncai will aim to e-sport.

Lin Botai said in the forum that the trend of this generation is e-sports. Although e-sports is a virtual-world competition, it's still the information, reaction, and so on. In essence, there are many organization events, teamwork and player ability Everyone has the same constitution. Although Yuncai has not been fully approved for e-sports, he has also launched a special event for the e-sports project at the Asian Games in Jakarta this year.

Lin Botai revealed that e-sport is market focused in Taiwan. The total sales of the games in these Asian Games reached 950 million. E-sports was responsible for the fifth place in the 17th Asian Games opening this year, only basketball and football. Baseball and badminton have become the fifth most popular item. The result of this is just the opening of the championship match. It is said that there is a significant potential on the content of e-sports in Yuncai. At the time, Kazakh's "League of Legends" project earned a rate of 1 2,000, and became a hot topic for netizens.

As Lottery's own expertise was public, when receiving "Ettoday Game Cloud" and other media interviews later, Lin Botai said Taiwan Yuncai had introduced the plan for Yuncai next year in October this year, and drafting whole plan. The book is submitted to the competent authority to approve. If the competent authority approves it, it can start to endeavor to build the system and other pre-system operations in 2019.

Taiwan Yuncai estimates that the e-sports market can give up to 11,000 games per year for betting and providing 4,500 field bets, just like the way of the World Cup, making the game more varied. In the brief, he includes "League of Legends", "Absolute Armed Lces: Global Offensive", "Dota2", "Xinghai Hegemony II", "Moment Victory Decory", "Double Attack", "Gold Stone Battle "domestic" legends "" Colleagues and so on are all the projects that have the chance to bet the game in the future, and at least eight games can be included.

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