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Wu Jialang: If Tao Tian Xian Dou is at his best, not a winner – Hong Kong Sina


From time to time, the state is not good, and the state is not good. No-one can guarantee that it will continue to be highest throughout the year, not to mention the world's competition for badminton men's units. Wu Jialang, a Hong Kong player, said unfortunately the top 20 players in the world's men's units do not have much difference in strength. It is not easy to highlight the cover, but still trying to find a way to make herself more mature, expecting to be on Tuesday (13th) Open Kong Hong Kong started to achieve good results at home.

After the Asian Games in August, Wu Jialang did not rest, he continued to stop-off races, won the Gold Medalist of the Jonathan Asian Games at China's Changzhou Station, he won the Chinese dragon in Denmark, but the Thai player, to France 16 Yuqi strong strong national stone; in Macau, there are two games played in three games, the last strong eight, the last time to retire to China Jialang Fuzhou Station due to injury, this record is not the best at home In the face, Winning is a strong hand.

"In August, the Asian Games were originally about hitting the medals, although the top 8 were not a bad result, it was always a step. After that, the state of the state was not very good. there was an opportunity to recover from the game. "

Wu Jialang wants to show himself at home, but he said: "The competition in the single men is getting bigger and bigger, even the top 20 players in the world are really very strong Close, if Tao Tian is at its best, he will not win, so this Hong Kong station will always watch everyone's presence. "

To stand firm in badminton, Jia Lang tries to find a way that suits him best and expects to reach the best level before the game.

"Trying to reduce the amount of pre-game training, let the body rest and adjust, try to remind the valley before the game, in a short time to practice a high standard to go to the valley's condition, but it is not I've still found the best way for me. " Jia Lang in Hong Kong The first round opponent in the world is the 16th century Thai Wang Jialun player. If he's able to qualify, he has a great opportunity to play against Nishimoto, and there are Chinese and Shi Yuqi dragons in the bottom half of the game.

Jia Lang hopes to get more support from his home fans to sail. The Hong Kong Open Badminton Championships will be held at the Hong Kong Stadium between November 13th and 18th.

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