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Wang Yi Meet Foreign Ministers Australia Refer to Cooperation Election Only in China and Australia – News – Xincheng Finance Channel


Wang Yi with the Foreign Minister of Australia met that collaboration should be the only election in China and Australia

11/18/2018 22:56
The State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held the fifth round of a diplomatic and strategic dialogue in China-Australia with the Australian Foreign Minister Payne in Beijing.
Wang Yi said that China and Australia should reconstruct joint political trust and establish a solid foundation for the development of bilateral relations. I hope that Australia will correctly understand and understand China's development path and strategic intentions, and strive to eliminate the "lack of trust" between the parties, emphasizing that cooperation between China and Australia should be is the only choice.
Wang Yi also said he was ready to strengthen communication and co-ordination with the Australian side in the multilateral mechanism and co-protection of multilateral and free trade. I hope that the Australian side will deal with issues that are related to Taiwan and the sea in a careful and appropriate manner.
Payne said that the side of Australia does not believe that China is a military threat. Welcome to China to increase investment in Australia. "One Belt, One Road" collaboration can contribute to the construction of regional infrastructure.

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