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Tracy McGrady: I ​​very much sympathize with Leonard's current situation. I have the same experience of the front.


Taipei's time on McGrady's famous 4th May in the ESPN Jump program said that he was very sympathetic to Leonard's current situation, because he had the same experience of the front.

Tyrannosaurus and the 76ers met at the Eastern Semifinals Conference. In the first game in the series, the 76ers generally played badly, and Tyrannosaurus defeated the 76ers 108-95. Many people are optimistic about the tyrannosaurus after the first battle. However, the surface began from the second battle. Although Leonard scored 30 in the second and the third game, he was still unable to beat the 76ers.

In addition to Leonard and Sikam, the tyrannosaurus did not have a fixed third scoring point to help them, which is one of the factors they are passive. Lori made 2 of 10 shots in the third game, and got 7 points, 5 rebound, 5 helped and 1 interception.

The data shows that the offensive efficiency of the tyrannosaurus is as high as 110.7 in this series, when Leonard is on court, while the net gain is 76ers and 7.2 points. Points. The difference between the two is very great.

McGrady said: "The tyrannosaurus fans should worry, they need to be prepared. Nobody helps him (referring to Leonard). Sikam played well, but in addition to them, their third need a third man to stand up, and Lori is probably this man, it's All-Star, he has to be that man, he's not as stable as that in the playoffs t .

"If they want to move on in this series, then Lori has to perform better, and her performance is now unsuccessful. I sympathize with the experience of Kawhi-Leonard, by my I have had the same experience before.

The Tyrannosaurus fourth game and the 76ers will be held at 3:30 am on May 6, Taipei time. If the 76ers win again, they will get the series.

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