Thursday , May 26 2022

Lonnie is surprised that the Red Devils has no chance in recent years: stay in the team!


Many Manchester United fans were sorry for Lonnie's failure to play for Manchester United for the shoes. In recent years of Otto, Lonnie said unfortunately he did not have the opportunity to contribute to the team and was very embarrassed to describe that he was wrong.

England's victory over the United States, Lonnie

Lonnie, who has already left the US, believes she can continue to contribute to Manchester United at the end of her career, but she has no opportunity to work under the Morino hands: "As a player, I suspect my ability At the time I think I'm still Contributing, but there was no chance to prove. Just for 1 minute in the Europa Cup final, and I was almost in the final of the League Cup final by Hamilton.This situation was very disturbing me, I can not go on this way now, and I'm determined to leave Manchester United. In the fight against Xiu Xian, Morinu called me to & # 39; the list, but obviously I did not play in the game. "

Lonnie England represented a battle against the United States this morning and eventually helped the team win a three-ball victory and also wrote a full stop for their international career. (

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