Sunday , August 14 2022

Huawei Mate Pro 30 Pro, super Kirin 985 + 55W fast charge


Although the Huawei P30 series has not been released for a long time, there have been many recent reports about the new Huawei Mate 30 series. Currently, there is a new explosion by rendering information and configuring Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

According to foreign media reports, Huawei has started preparing for the next Mate30 series. After making the online exposure, Mate 30 Pro will adopt a curved opening screen design similar to Samsung S10, and the curvature ratio of the surface. The S10 is bigger and the senses are very beautiful. In terms of core configuration, the Pro 30 Mate will have its own uninstalled Kirin985 processor, using EUV 7nm process with a self-developed 5000 baron chip and Ready 5G network.

In addition, a 6.71 inch screen on the Pro 30 Mate, commissioned by China BOE (Beijing Dongfang), and can support full screen fingerprint scanner, which full screen finger recognition is unlocked. In addition, the Pro 30 Mate will include four powerful back pant with 4200mAh capacity battery, 55W superfast charge, wireless charging and reverse charge. Currently, the 30 Mate series is expected to meet you in September or October this year. For more information, subscribe to our mobile push service.


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