Thursday , May 26 2022

HSBC intends to set up a fund of a billion pounds in the investment – Newsletter website


HSBC Holdings (00005) intends to set up a Chinese sovereign fund, China Investment Corporation, to establish a fund to invest in the UK.

The British Times "Financial Times quoted saying that HSBC and China Investment have agreed to set up a £ 1 billion fund to help HCW invest in Chinese-related companies. The new fund will be managed by Charterhouse Capital in London and the fund will be announced formally next year.

The report quoted the HSBC statement and said that the three parties held unique consultations and continue to negotiate the share of the money.

According to the sources, the CHC hopes to work with HSBC to make the approval process for companies that invest in British technology and industrial sectors smoothly. OsThe operation of the transaction is an important symbolic significance for HSBC, and the representative can become a bridge between China and the Western financial system.

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