Saturday , June 25 2022

Get a “Young Princess Diana” look! Decorate Emma Corrin’s fashion side outside the film-Yahoo Hong Kong News


  1. Get into the mind of “Young Princess Diana”! Decorate Emma Corrin’s fashion sideYahoo Hong Kong News
  2. Netflix collaborated with the museum’s online exhibition “The Queen and The Crown” to analyze the story behind “Abandoned Soldiers” and “The Crown” costumes!POPBEE
  3. Privately also exudes a noble royal atmosphere! The background of “The Crown” actor Dai Fei’s family is extremely harsh, still a funny personality girludnSTYLE
  4. Reproduce Princess Diana’s exquisite demeanor: Emma Corrin, the most watched star of the fourth season of “The Crown”!Yahoo Hong Kong News
  5. Crazy Chasing / From “The Crown” to “House of Cards” Recommend 5 Netflix British and American political dramasMinshi News Network FTVn
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