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Fight against plugins! The big escape game "Apex Legends" breaks 770,000 players and prevents the closed person from re-registering | Hong Kong Play Life UNWIRE.HK. Music Technology


May 5, 2019 • Game Information •

EA's "Apex Legends" and Respawn Entertainment have launched a large-scale anti-bill action since February in the large-scale online games. In the latest official figures, there are 770,000 plugins. The players were cut off from the account, and even discovered the accounts sold out, and operated a multi-faceted attack insert.

In the recent official news, a community manager told us that a total of 770,000 players have been cut off since 5 February because of the use of plug-ins for cheating reasons. They have also screened 300,000 thousands to apply for a new account. On the 20th day before the announcement, we found that 4,000 accounts had been connected to the sales plugin, and the same was done to delete the account. This action is mainly for plugins for computer games.The game also includes PS4 and Xbox One versions, but the console version of the game is relatively easy to handle.

Respawn pointed out that they have already cut the chances of planting contaminated games in half, and will continue to "fight" with plug-in manufacturers in the future.

Apex Legends is a major escape action shooter who has attracted a total of 50 million players in the month after its official launch on 5 February. Many e-Sport teams around the world form their Apex Legends team to participate in related e-Sport competitions.

Source: Respawn, Polygon

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