Monday , January 17 2022

"Defense Defense 4" is four times more than a previous one – Only Case 4


Although Wallmart accidentally dropped news in May, "Defense Defense 4" is one of the few stunning public announcements on E3 2018, and it is even more surprising that the game says in the World Expo that The release date will be 4 December. .

In addition, Avalanche Studios continues to create the world's most extensive map of the world to date: Solis Island in South America, while the required capacity is also increasing.

The director Francesco Antolini recently mentioned maps and capacity in the Official Xbox Magazine (page 171). He said that the capacity of this book was four times more than the previous one.

"Defense 4 is more than four times the capacity of the previous game, and its predecessor has a more detailed system of methods, which tells us that changes in processes and thinking will promote creativity and production."

Antolini also said that creating the fourth part was easier than the first three episodes, thanks to the presence of Avalanche in Stockholm and New York.

Only Case 4

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