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A team "Doomsday Z" wants to do "Half-Life 2" Remake remake | 4Gamers


Despite the small influence of Epic's exclusive PC platform, the First World War continued to achieve good sales results as a “Left 4 Dead” play spirit. Saber Interactive recently received the development team. Again, interviews with the foreign media, their Chief Executive Matthew Karch expressed great interest in another game of Valve, "Half-Life 2".

According to GameWatcher's visit, Matthew Karch said he was a fan of Valve and "Time Rover and Space", and he must go to contact Valve, hoping to get Saber Interactive to achieve development cooperation "Trembling Time and Space". 2 ".

Matthew Karch: After we had finished re-celebrating the Halo's Anniversary and Halo 2's Birthday, I went to Gabe Newell because I knew him before. I told him that I wanted to reproduce it. Wandering Time and Space 2 "This is what I always wanted to do, I will not change anything in the game. I am asking for marketing only and I do not need a large share of the distribution. I really want to do this because I love that game.

Yes, why is it "Torch Time and Space 2"? Obviously, Karch is not just a fan of Valve games, but it shows that the ancient shooting adventure has a huge community influence, just like "Left 4 Dead."

Matthew Karch: Where did "Wheel of Time and Space" go? The previous development of the Valve of "Time and Space Rover", as early as "Left 4 Dead" before "Torch Time and Space", I believe this game needs a version to be revamped, by our t I managed to hit the "Left 4 Dead" through "Doom Z War" "The market for players. It is likely that other developers are also planning similar games. However, there is Gordon Freeman, God, a classic like the Sergeant How did the game disappear?

The history of video games has been developed for several generations, and many of the old classic games in the past are often re-appeared in order to reproduce the high quality images that we have. conform to the trend of the period, and again show the charm of the game. This not only commemorates the feelings of the old players, but also a gift to the new generation of players in the previous generation.

However, while Matthew Karch thought it was very romantic (and there were lots of ideas about it), G Fat finally shot the motion. In the end, Karch got a reply from the Valve: "We are sorry, if we want to do a paste, I would intend to do it ourselves."

Finally, GameWatcher asked why "Doom Z Warfare" was chosen for PC monopoly on the Epic Games platform. Karch said that this is not for money, but rather: "I think this will create a big change in the industry." It is said that Epic Games platform brings many changes to the game's developers, but we do not even know whether the monopoly policy of continuous burning can support the sequence of the Steam platform.


The movie adjustment of the eponymous game "Doomsday Z: The Escape" has been on PS4, Xbox One, and PC Epic Games platforms since April 16. Information evaluation games to see in the previous report on this website.

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