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歼 -10B "shift over speed" big show "Li Jikuan, the" Great Hero Award "won the test pilot. ETtoday Junwu | ETtoday News Cloud


▲ ▼ vector checker 歼 -10B flying against the air. (Figure / CFP)

▲ vector 歼 -10B vector checking machine flying against the air. (Figure / CFP, the same below)

Reporter Zhu Shikai / comprehensive report

The Vector Verifier 歼 -10B performed a number of "moving stalls" at the Zhuhai Air Show. Li Jikuan Air Force Test completed the series of stunts. He also won the "Heroless Fearless Award" at the 6th Aerospace Laurel Award Ceremony. "Excellent." Although he was overwhelmed with his sacrifice of clothing to fulfill his duties, Li Jikuan was not afraid of flying, he said, "Fly, still have to fly, this is my jobThere must be someone doing it. As long as you do this, they will always be injured of one or more. "

According to the comprehensive media report, Li Jikuan won the Binxian County, Heilongjiang Province. He was born in March 1975 and was registered in August 1992. He has completed the aircraft test type of 13 aircraft, aerial engines and air tools, and has resolved more than 10 air hazard situations. The second class and the third class were awarded for five times. I was converted into a pilot test by an airline coach in 2002.

In 2011, unfortunately, Li Jikuan was sacrificed because of his co-weapons, Yu Jinwang, who kept the whole two days, but he still completes mission afterwards. In March 2008, Li Jikuan took part in the special training at the high angle of assault and stalls, facing strangers. In the field of flight, he and his relatives rely on solid foundations in aviated theory with amazing perseverance.Air coaching tests completed for 9 models in just over 40 daysAfter the training, Li Jikuan has also started the J-10 flight test mission.

On one occasion, Li Jikuan held down the engine according to the requirements of the mission, but the aircraft suddenly had power power, the ground radio connection was cut, the display did not have image status, and the unit did not make an emergency power start automatically according to the design regulations. He still treated the plane with a calm and calm attitude and flight test technology, and finally, the air drive successfully implemented the airplane safely.

▲ ▼ vector checker 歼 -10B flying against the air. (Figure / CFP)

In a specific year, Li Jikuan received the task of hitting the land movement target. This is the first time his army will take part in an important military exercise. Here is the first test of the real fighting ability of the soldiers in Chinese history. In the preliminary preparation process, as new equipment is being developed, there are problems in many aspects. Li Jikuan and his / her parents form a test flight technical research team, together with scientific research personnel to interpret and analyze relevant flight data, and offer rationalization tips, and finallyNot only solve the problem of 93 scientific research tripsIn addition, technological advances have been made in a number of new types of equipment to fill in the spaces in many areas of flight.

In the real exercise, Li Jikuan also worked daily with colleagues to study combat factors such as airspace, timing, assault and exit. Depending on the severe weather that can occur, along with the features of the aircraft's fire control system, various contingency plans have been developed. Decide the assault of the pod's attack and the peaceful demonstration assault complement each other and support each other to make sure there is no mistake in real fighting. On the day of the exercise, Li Jikuan and his teammates completed the task satisfactorily and achieved excellent results in the projection of 8 rounds of 8 and achieving China's bombing ability using a laser from moving targets.

▼ 歼 -10B vector validation verification machine. (Figure / flash of island island)

▲ ▼ 歼 -10B vector verification machine flight. (Figure / flash of island island)

In recent years, Li Jikuan has been given the task of designing a specific type of bomb to set a specific type of aircraft and a specific type of "notable day and night machine". These two tasks are the first scientific research flight mission, with no experience. In the case of the mirror, he used his leisure time to study the relevant flight test theory. The residential aircraft and library room almost became a second home. Every time in a while, Li Jikuan took the notebook with the usual problem to ask the local college. Specialists and scholars.

Huang Tian will not steal people's pains. Li Jikuan will make great progress in the technical difficulties in the test plane. He mastered the essence of both subjects in a short period and successfully completed the test flight mission. The Political Department of the Air Force Politics Department submitted that Li Jikuan, not only, had completed a 仰 -10 high angle test test flight, but also realized a laser led bombing task of moving targets.At the same time, the history of China's accuracy was overlooked at night..

▼ Li Jikuan won the "Heroes Fearless Award". (Figure / turning out of viewer network)

▲ ▼ Li Jikuan won the

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