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With eight players and two and a half peripherals does not come out of season


We told them the fight with Panathinaikos in OAKA that some things … cry and can not ignore them. I can not know who's heard & # 39; more: Olympiakos's own game? Blatt itself with options during the show?

And in the fight against Fenerbahce yesterday, what we saw was Olympiacos going out with eight players this year, and that is impossible. When Leonte does not go through 4 minutes, when Tupan arrives at 11 "50" because he was the … surprise Plate puts it in Spanish in the 4th and # 39; last when Tima is seven minutes there and Vezhenkov … at all, when Bogris even "holds" the 10 minutes (which was certainly not counted for so much, no matter what to be fighting) as much as Mantzaris at least in my own eyes disappears unnecessarily on the parquet I can see exactly what Plate counts on) then it's not just the issue of tissue race. It is also numerical.

This quantitative issue, the 8 players and the two and a half shelves, raises a number of questions. Olympiacos has not come to the market for the region anonymously because the line must be included with one other player? Is it the Theodore (as we have written to you in Sportime for days) if it's been discovered with Armani? Is it someone else? Anyone will … At least one must be.

As the high line is controversial, unless Olympiacos has decided to wait for a Lentai. I have rewritten that America is extremely abusive, but when it does not "pull" before the "roaming" the fight as it can not do other things as well.

In the arithmetic, Olympiacos has players in key positions such as Williams-Gos who have no Euroleague experience and are still learning. In fact, the player was trying to change the game, with three points, with an assistant to Milutinov (69-67), before responding with 3/3 and three points (69-73).

With Spanoulis on the bench (he had 0/2 triple, two mistakes and two mistakes during the last ten minutes) in the last two minutes. Last. & # 39; Olympiacos had to find someone to come on … Williams-Gos was not afraid of responsibility. Papanikolaou made energy and passion, but what he did was aggressive, however commendable, was certainly a rule in his game. Unless I would blame it personally, but certainly it was a great game … apart from its own logic.

Beyond that, Blat chooses to leave his leader for the last 4 days. My opinion is that the trainer knows better than all of us, and if he went into the Williams-Gos or Milutinov shot he would win! Certainly they have to learn to play without the rest of Spanoulis.

On the other hand, however, in the last minutes you need a personality. Probably any mistakes made earlier in the last two minutes would probably be. We said, a big conversation.

Olympiakos – Fenerbahce 72-73: Slouka Revenge

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