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Wild Bee Spoiler: Does Penelope marry Study or Grammar?


Penelope, despite Duke Sevastos’ reaction, chooses to marry in the “Wild Bees”

Excitement and rapid developments are coming in the next episodes of the TV series “Wild Bees»From ANT1. Her return This year brings the ups and downs to Diafani, while Asimina who welcomes her confrontation is poor with Nikiforos and with the Sevast family. THE Konstantis now knows the whole truth about Drosa’s child, and wants to ruin his engagement with Domna because he is starting to have feelings towards his little sister Stamiri.

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In the episode on Wednesday, December 2, Sergio’s disappearance will bring Eleni and Asimina face to face, with Nikiforos and the rest of Sevastos. Penelope’s honesty will bring distractions in her relationship with Alexis, but this time Penelope will not be left with arms folded. Annette and Socrates are now opening their cards and the consequences will be disastrous. Constantius decides, for the first time, not to help the Duke’s plans while he is forced to agree that his marriage to Domna will take place next month.

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Panagiotis decides to help the Miltiadis problem, putting them both in dangerous waters. Asimina, under pressure from constant problems and conflicts, decides to find her peace, in an orthodox way. Eleni contacts her father’s friend, from Athens, to find Drosso but he doesn’t succeed. But an unexpected alliance will lead her to the truth about her little sister.

Journalist Alexis Michas donated to the show “Breakfast” for the next episodes of the series Wild Bees. Meletis expresses his love for Penelope, telling her that despite the fact that she maintains a relationship with the prosecutor Grammatikos, he still wants her. Grammatikos finds her diary where she talks about her relationship with Meletis and in shock. Ultimately, however, Penelope marries the prosecutor, despite the fact that everyone opposes this marriage.

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