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What reveals 8 polls for SW and SYRIZA – Bipolarism | POLICY


A big difference between New Democracy and SYRIZA, which reaches some polls of even 8 points, is "all" out of the last 2 months of the European elections.

The analysis of the data confirms almost every political analyst's appreciation that the victory of New Democracy in the European elections should be taken for granted, but the secret is the difference that comes from the elections.

As a big difference, much higher than the vote in the European elections, it will create new conditions on the political scene, and possibly distort planning Alexis Tsipras for elections in the autumn.

The difference
can reach up to 8 units

The vote was the biggest difference the company Pulse for SKAI at the start of the election period. In the research published on April 22, the difference reached the intention to vote the 8 units, with ND in front of 29.5% and SYRIZA followed by 21.5%.

The same rate was also attributed to their poll Mark for LCA1 which was later on 15 May. With the intention of voting, the difference reached 7.6 points, but with a discount on the valid, the difference arises. at 8 percentage points. Analytically, New Democracy in the European elections accounted for 30.6% of the votes, compared to 22.6% of SYRIZA.

In addition, a difference of 8.5 per cent is recorded in the south-west of England against the European elections vote in the nationwide Rass vote held for Action 24 and the Report with the Night by George Kouvaras. At the Gallup of Rass, ND receives 31.7%, SYRIZA 23.2%, PASOK third party with 8.7%, fourth KKE with 6.7% and Fifth Gold Dawn with 6.4%. .

If these measurements are confirmed, the political scene on the day after the European elections, along with the expected results in the regional elections – where SYRIZA candidates are in a very difficult position – along with the elections on for the big municipalities, where the candidates in the party are in danger of not going through the second round, creating completely different political conditions and stamping the result of national elections, whenever they will happen.

Kyriacos Mitsotakis speech in Patras
Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Patras / INTIMENEWS

The least
difference in Documento

The least difference between the two big parties arose from his research carried out by the new company Pop Analysis Vox for the Document newspaper. The survey was completed on 8 May and the question of voting intention for the European elections is the difference between the two. parties have only 2.5 points in favor of New Democracy, although the maximum difference between the two parties in any case may not exceed 7%. In the vote for the upcoming European elections, the ND is recording 30.5%, SYRIZA 28% and it comes. The third party of the Golden Dawn with 6.5%.


This research also reflects "a variety of differences" between the parties. As emphasized, SYRIZA rates will range from 25.5% to a maximum of 30.5% and North West Wales from 27.9% to 33.1%. That is, the maximum difference between the two parties cannot be more than 7.6% for ND and 2.1% if SYRIZA is the first party. Obviously, this is the best scenario that Alexis Tsipras can imagine. Officials SYRIZA recently insisted that the election will be a great surprise and base their hope on the fact that a rally of party followers with the help of the published benefits as well as many votes of the young people, where SYRIZA traditionally records higher rates than all other age groups.

Every survey makes a difference to ND

Contrary to the vote, however, all other measures give a new and safe difference to New Democracy. And, of course, the Prime Minister's reports are not accidental on the outcome of the elections that the elections won't judge, but the citizens. SYRIZA's main pre-election tactics are to question the consequences of simultaneous measurements of being driven by economic benefits.

The vote MRB for Star Channel held on May 9 which gave the difference between the two parties 7.4 units, with New Democracy voting 30.2% and SYRIZA 22.8%, followed by FINAL with 6.5% and Chrisi Avgi with 6.2%. The KKE has 6.1%, and below the 3% threshold required to bring party MEPs, Union Centers, River, Green Greens, Kyriakos Velopoulos and ANEL Greek solution.

Depending on vote results First Subject Mark, held on May 19, with the difference in 7.2 point and the drop to reach t 7.5 units. In this poll, however, the company noted that a high percentage of people did not decide who will judge the extent of the difference. In Marc's research, ND strength is estimated at 30.6% and SYRIZA at 23.1%. In the same poll, KINAL accounted for 6.6%, Golden Dawn 6.1% and KKE 2.3%, while Greek Solution (2.5%) and 3 Union Centers (2%).

The next Sunday will be published Sunday field which broadly produced the same results. Her research Metron Analysis record SW difference of SYRIZA on 6.7 units with the main opposition party collecting a rate of 30.3%, against 23.6% of the party's control.

Alexis Tsipras Tour in Agrinio
Alexis Tsipras travels in Agrinio / PHOTO Aspects

The previous day her research was published MRB for the newspaper The News, which makes the difference between New Democracy and SYRIZA for 6.5 points and with the increase increasing t 7.5 units. And this measure comes the third party of the LIMIT following the Golden Dawn and the KKE.


The most recent survey that saw the comment was measured Alco for the Open which gave the least so far – apart from Vox Pop – that is 5.6 points in favor of New Democracy. The survey was completed on 20 May and New Democracy is ahead with 26.4% against 20.8% of SYRIZA. The Pentecost is closed by Golden Dawn and KINAL with 5% and KKE with 4.4%. The River is 1.7% and 1.4% is ANEL.

Appreciation of publisher Yannis Mavri

In addition to the published surveys, there is also an analysis of his researcher Public Issue Yannis Mavri which, in the electoral influence scenarios it has published, estimate that the difference between ND and SYRIZA is likely to reach higher historical levels, previously recorded in the first and second parties at European elections.

According to the analysis carried out by Mr Mavris and George Symeonidis "in the next European elections, ND is likely to be more than 30% and SYRIZA 20%". This means powerful bilingualism at unusually high rates for European elections. In particular, the New Democracy rate is expected to fluctuate between 30% and 35% in the European elections, while the figure for SYRIZA is expected to vary from 18% to 24%. Something that means, if it is SYRIZA that touches the ceiling and the ND is the lowest, their difference will be about 6 t units in favor of the main opposition party. If the reverse happens, with the ND holding the highest and the SYRIZA the lowest, then the difference between the two parties t is launched at 17 points!!

Gennimatas Fifis Tour in Heraklion
Gennimata Fofing in Heraklion, Crete PHOTOGRAPHY / INTIMENEWS

However, as the analysts point out, "the two largest current party percentages in the European elections are expected to be significantly lower than those they would have won if parliamentary elections were t being held. "

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