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Weather with changing, cold, stormy and snowy scenery in the next few days


Three days bad weather It is expected from Fridays with rainy tier and grow in place in the mountains.

Something is changing long, he said Sakis Arnaoutoglou, predicting the weather report and analyzing the data we get in Greece in the next 24 hours.

H bad weather, however, it will begin today with rain in Thrace and the great land of Greece, but not strong phenomena.

From Thursday on Thursday and especially on Friday, the weather will worsen in the west with rain, locally intensely and in snow & really from noon onwards. Yes, according to its data Saki Arnaoutoglou the snow in the continental mountain will continue on Saturday and Sunday. It is noted that snow will occur in mountainous areas.

Sakis Arnautoglou said his main change weather on Friday with rain, rain and storm storms. "Local will be strong," he said.

The temperature will decrease significantly and the winds will be windy and strong.

EMY emphasizes: "Gradually changing weather with local rainfall from the night to the west and intermittent storms in the southern and western Peloponnese south. In the rest of the country, local rainfall is in the most areas and possibly in the central and northern seas, along the seaside, isolated storms. Local limited visibility during morning hours on the western continents.

Winds in the Aegean northeast north-east local 7 beaufort.

The temperature falls mainly to the east and north. "

For Fridays, EMY "Intermittent storms will be evident in the west and south, possibly locally strong in Ionian, Peloponnese and night hours in Crete.

In local snow in the continental mountains.

Winds: from east 5 to 7 directions and gradually locally to Ionian 8 beaufort.

Temperature: obvious fall ".

Analyze the NMS forecasts for today

Macedonia, Thrace

Weather: In northern Macedonia, a few clouds are high locally. In the remaining regions, clouds are temporarily erected by local rain and isolated storms gradually in coastal segments. Local limited visibility in western Macedonia in the small hours.

Winds: from northern directions 3 to 5 beauforts. Gradually in eastern Macedonia and Thrace to the north east to 6 beaufort and temporarily in the morning in the middle of Macedonia to the northwest with the same density.

Temperature: from 05 to 16 degrees Celsius. In northern Macedonia, local 3 to 4 degrees are lower.

Western Isles, Epirus, West Sterea, Western Peloponnes

Weather: a few clouds that will gradually increase and from night there will be local rainfall and in the intermittent tropical storms and southern Peloponnese. Local visibility on the mainland during morning and mistyards in Epirus.

Winds: from east 3 to 5 directions and gradually locally 6 beaufort.

Temperature: from 10 to 19 degrees Celsius. In Epiruses locally 4 to 5 degrees lower.

Thessalia, eastern Sterea, Evia, eastern Peloponnese

Weather: clouds are temporarily rising with local rainfall mainly in eastern Thessalia, Sporades and Evia, where individual storms are likely to occur.

Winds: north northeast 4 to 6 and 7 beaufort in the east and south.

Temperature: from 09 to 17 degrees Celsius. In the northern region of 3 to 4 lower degrees.

Cyclades, Crete

Weather: cloudy with heavy rain occasionally.

Winds: from northern directions 5 to 7 beaufort.

Temperature: from 12 to 18 degrees Celsius.

Eastern Aegean Islands, Dodecanese Islands

Weather: in the northern clouds, possibly rising temporarily by local rainfall and mayow peak storms. In the remaining regions, a few clouds are temporarily erected.

Winds: From northern directions 6 to 7 beaufort.

Temperature: from 12 to 21 degrees Celsius. North to 3 to 5 degrees lower.


Weather: clouds rise temporarily with local rainfall in the north and east of the county.

Winds: north east north 4 to 6 and east to 7 beaufort.

Temperature: from 12 to 17 degrees Celsius. East and north between 2 and 3 degrees lower.


Weather: clouds are temporarily erected and gradually from afternoon rainfall.

Winds: Northwest north west between 4 and 5 and temporarily in the small hours to 6 beauforts with gradual worsening.

Temperature: from 09 to 16 degrees Celsius.

See in detail what he says Sakis Arnaoutoglou in the bulletin weather or ERT 3:

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