Saturday , July 2 2022

Washington relaxes the restrictions on Huawei


The US government has temporarily relaxed China's Huawei trading restrictions to reduce problems for its customers, something that, according to the founder of the world's largest telecommunications company, is not very important as the company is already preparing for the US deeds.

The US Department of Commerce Huawei Technologies last week highlighted the purchase of US products, arguing that the company is involved in activities that are against national security.

The move came in the midst of an impossible situation to compromise between the US and China. Both countries have increased import prices over the past two weeks after US President Donald Trub said that China had abolished its commitments in the negotiations.

Yesterday, the Department of Commerce gave Huawei permission to buy US products by 19 August to maintain existing telecommunications networks and provide Huawei smartphone upgrades. The Chinese company continues to be banned from the US hardware and software market for the construction of new products without receiving further licenses that are difficult to secure.

The aim of this suspension is to give telecom operators time to rely on their equipment in order to be able to adapt to the new data, Foreign Minister Whilpool Ross said in a statement yesterday.

Huawei founder, Ren Zhengfei, said today in a series of interviews with Chinese state networks that this suspension is not of great importance to the telecoms company as it has already prepared for a scenario of this kind. .

"The actions of the US government are currently underestimating our potential," Rehn said in an interview with CCTV, according to the transcript of his statements by the state-run Chinese broadcaster.

A provisional license suggests that changes to the Huawei supply chain can have direct, widespread and unintended consequences for its customers.

"The goal is probably not to break the internet, computer systems and mobile phone," said lawyer Kevin Woolf, a former trade ministry officer. "It's not a constitution, it puts things in order."

The suspension seems to have been targeted at telecommunications operators in countries where Huawei equipment is common, Commercial Solicitor Douglas Jacobson said. The Department of Commerce has announced that it will examine whether it will extend the period of validity beyond 90 days.

At the same time, the provisional license is likely to allow companies such as Google to continue to offer services and support, including upgrades and software updates, to Huawei smartphones released to the public on 16 May. or before May 16. Google has not responded to Reuters's request for comment.

Source: RES-EAP

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