Thursday , January 28 2021

Voutsis v. Konstantopoulou for your visit: I can not follow it mentally

A violent attack on Zoe Konstantopoulou was launched by House Speaker, Nikos Voutsis, at the time of publication of the newspaper "Na Nea" today signed by George Papachristos and which, with reference to statements from the former parliamentary speaker, attacked. Mr. Voutsis and the Prime Minister on not disclosing the statements you have visited.

Mr Boutsis said that if she had not received Mrs.'s statements. Konstantopoulou, that would consider that the young people's current newspaper is a rare joke and adds "The beginning and end of all these complaints by Mrs Konstantopoulou, they feel they have knowledge of what is happening in the House, no matter whether he was doing anything for eight months, like others, but I don't care at all.This is repeatedly repeated by Mr Papachristos and he also includes himself. We had never seen any journalist look at the victim, nor did we have access to anyone, nor did we reveal evidence from a journalist who was a journalist to a political leader. "

In fact, Mr Voutsis went one step further against Mrs Konstantopoulou saying, "I can't follow these things if I could follow them, I mean, and I could come to the collection in a mental way." I am totally concerned not to reproduce when they can be answered and they will be answered convincingly by point, beyond which everyone, in the run up to the election, can say what they want where he wants. "

Mr Voutsis said the House had no control over anyone who went beyond the MPs and added that the people who came after 2015 were not publicly published because of the abolition of their electronic submission by the State Council following the appeal of the judicial associations. Indeed, he described false news as claims that he and the prime minister used the people for political blackmail.

"This is about false news, not only does this have to do with what is said that Voutsis is sitting in the van and the place is not switched off, or that Tsipras has told Voutsis that they don't take them out, it was another step that we had the files to make blackmail, we're talking about amazing things.There are restrictions on saying that blackmail machine has been set up by the House because of elections.
Such statements cannot be adopted and there is a view that we do not disclose people in the last few years to treat and extortion based on the possibilities we have for using these elements.
They would have been published if there was no intervention of one and a half years in the State Council.
No statements from journalists or the judiciary or the other parties will be passed on by the House. All this has not gone through the House without the House having access to, even more, publicity rights have been in the Ministry of Justice's Third Secretariat General Unit for four years now. The House has nothing to do with it. With the latest legislation, the judiciary statements will create 5000 statements for review and we will see after submission and if there are no ongoing breaches for not disclosing how we can handle this volume. "

Finally, the House Spokesperson said that the statements for 2016, 2015, 2014 were posted on the Senate website and can be viewed by anyone.


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