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VAR ruthlessly took PLAY 24


When you are worse than your opponent and you lose, you cannot say the least. You bow your head and go below. However, when you’re better, you haven’t been threatened and the … technology installs you twice in the 11 steps, it’s not swallowed up with anything.


Olympiacos was defeated a week ago at Faliro by Manchester City because neither referee nor VAR saw the clear dirt against Ggerogan’s Dreger. Yesterday in “Velontrom” the “red and white” lost three points through their hands from two stages that the referee, in their normal flow, did not show the white ball even once, but was noted by the VARistas.

Somehow the Marseille players who saw the backs of Olympiacos players throughout the first half not only rejoined the game, but also won without even creating a classic opportunity throughout the game! Jose Sa spent one of his quietest nights in a best club match, but picked up the ball twice after an equal number of penalty kicks that even the French team president would have a hard time whistling.

I will not disagree that Cisse entered the era that brought the equal punishment awkwardly, as well as Rafinia, acting instinctively, putting his hand in front of his face before the ball set it up for the second time in the white ball. Accept that both players are eligible? Let me face it, though, there is a “but”.

Personally, seeing how many times the equalizer caused the game, I can’t say with certainty that Cisse found his opponent. Even if she touches it, I’m not sure it’s dirty. Another I touch the opponent, another I foul …

Even if we accept that there is a violation here, in Rafinias’ hand, again, the referee “sees” foul and the VAR penalty. It would be good, though, to see and find out how this decision was explained, because here we are talking about a millimeter case and if …


I think it very likely that if they bother at UEFA offices to see these stages of both games again, they would be surprised, mainly at the ease with which the specific decisions were made, to all at the expense of Olympiacos. As a result, for the second game in a row, the Greek team was deprived of at least two points in the group stage.

Unless some are troubled by the “red and white” complaints after the fight with City and want to show strength, exhausting their rigor, a scenario I don’t even want to cross my mind …


In the match, if a team was better and had to win, it was Olympiacos. Martins’ team clearly excelled in the first half, he was in the lead and forced on the field, with Kamara’s trick completely justifying Pedro Martins. The Portuguese coach’s mandate was basically for Mandy to decide whether to move up to the third attack, leaving Fortunis on the right, or staying behind to cover “Mister 7”, who was thus able to move more freely between the lines.

With the cheerful “Fortou”, Brousai full of energy and a great helper, Kamaras traffic controller and partner El Arabi in the high pressure times, the two defensive midfielders (Bouhalakis, Embila) to cut and sew, champion Greece total control.

With great confidence and confidence from the first minute, Pedro Martins’ team short-circuited Villa Boas trump cards, shadowing Sa and making a match, which led to Mandy’s 0-1 goal.


In the second half and without basically changing anything in the image of the match, other than talkative possession of the hosts, they came up – down from nowhere. All the Portuguese Gods plotted to keep Villa Boas in place, with Marseille players falling from Eiffel Tower and finding a full wallet. Such a gift of victory…, certainly not imagined, based on their performance throughout the 90 minutes.

If the Olympiacos players can be held responsible for something, it’s because they didn’t continue the same offensive in the second half, to reach a second goal. Such a time, such words. When you have brought the fight where you want, you usually do not take risks.

And because many people are wondering why Pedro Martins didn’t move earlier than the bench, both made changes, one in 79 ‘and another in the delay, the answer is very clear. Until the 75th minute and the 2-1 he had no reason to do so, as his team and his forces were constantly in the plan, while he had not been threatened in the slightest.

In the final minutes, the home team’s capsule was so much that they reached the first victory that they took care to remove the ball boys from the field, reminiscent of Proodeftiki spells. Purpose is sanctifying the means, but at the Champions League level, these are not done and cannot be justified.

It’s a shame that Cisse didn’t get his blood back in 93 ‘at the opportunity presented to him, but Alvaro’s leg appeared to be from God’s machine to save Madanda.

Even with yesterday’s rating, the “red and white” would already be packing their luggage for “32” Europa, but in the event, a victory over Porto is needed to seal the ticket.

Better on the one hand, so that the Olympiacos players are motivated to show that they had little to envy by the “dragons” who finally reached the qualification with good performance, but also much luck in all their games with no exceptions. .


These are not made …

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