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Turning a blind eye to the “spray”


Thursday 12 November 2020, 00:02

Turning a blind eye to the

The KO’s ear Secretaries are “in charge” of Pavlos Polakis. of SYRIZA, Olga Gerovasilis and party, Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, for his consistently inappropriate behavior and his recent job, with the friendly lunch and warning to his critics, who according to him are not judges but “crumbs” .

According to Koumoundourou’s “informal information”, Polakis aligned himself, claiming that “he did not intend to question SYRIZA’s position, which is also jointly processed and non-negotiable, the protective measures. be respected by all and diverse, as the only shield in the spread of the coronavirus here where the criminal oligarchy of government has reached us “.

For their part, Gerovasilis and Tzanakopoulos argued that the catastrophic effects of government policy, on the front of the coronavirus and on the economic front, now visible to the vast majority of society, are pushing the government to intensify its attacks on SYRIZA and executives in an attempt to circumvent his criminal responsibilities. “

Essentially, it was not a reprimand but a pleading attempt by the former minister to slightly lower the tone because it ruined the image to the outside – not their own aesthetics.

These are, however, concerned with the topography and aesthetics of SYRIZA. Political life is Gerovasili-Tzanakopoulos’s phrase on the front of the coronavirus and the economy, that they “are now becoming visible to the vast social majority”.

They will invest in this. Instead of apologizing (not apologizing) for the NSS they now transferred with half of the ICU, they are transitioning to Robespierre, creating an online guillotine and taking advantage of the pandemic and its consequences, as they are ‘ r the only opposition in Europe to do so, at least in opposition. with the modest attitude that KINAL has.

The pandemic is devastating lives (1,285,500 dead last night), and the economies of the planet. Global giants are being tested, apart from the few internet giants, businesses are restructuring, people are left on the street, their futures are bleak. Here are the results of the virus everywhere, except in Greece. In Greece, according to SYRIZA, these are excuses for restructuring the economic model at the expense of SMEs. The virus appears to have neoliberal DNA and the vaccine companies hide it from us.

SYRIZA will take advantage of the miserable situation in which society finds itself. Example: Tourism opened in July and closed in late August. All European countries opened it with the same specifications. And from the rest of the world, only Sri Lanka closed its borders.

So even though the outbreak appears in 15 days, now November 12 is complaining that it is the fault of opening tourism in July at this point to stop the virus. You do not need special information to deny it. It is gathered from common sense. But SYRIZA does not address the logic of the people who follow it. We have known this for a decade.

And the worst part is that they turn a blind eye to every sprayed challenger. The comment on the post-nine curfew was: “The only certainty is that public health is not compromised by individual jogging of citizens after 9. It is at risk from a government that instead of strengthening the NSS and shadowing society, face them. citizens as irresponsible children “. That is, the traffic ban means treating citizens as irresponsible children! It is an evolution of the interpretation that the youth is being targeted because congregation was banned in the squares.

This could also be seen as an indirect encouragement of disobedience to public health rules. It is one thing to accuse the government of not shadowing the NSS (understandably), and another is to challenge physician-recommended measures, applied in many countries, to foster public dissatisfaction that they are using it as a “child.” irresponsible “. It’s not just immature. It’s criminal!

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