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Top display by DxOMark


The TCL 10 Pro, the most affordable flagship of TCL Communication, has been described as the best smartphone in terms of screen readability.

DXOMARK analysis, an independent benchmark that scientifically evaluates smartphone quality in relation to their cameras, audio, and screens, has introduced a new Screen Evaluation System that includes a comprehensive set of scientific tests and evaluations to objectively characterize performance. smartphone screen, thereby helping consumers to make smarter purchases in search of the ideal smartphone.

This new smartphone screen quality rating not only looks at the end quality from the end-user perspective, but the tests were also translated separately for each large screen category. The results take into account the overall visual experience of the smartphone (eg readability, colors, videos, motion, touch and objects), with scores for each category combined into an overall screen quality score. Although the tests are technically complex, the score is simple enough for anyone to understand (that is, the higher the number, the better the performance) so that consumers can identify the phones that best suit to their needs. .

TCL 10 Pro leverages TCL’s tightly integrated ecosystem using NXTVISION’s TCL and TCL monitors, a proprietary advanced display and optical camera technology, to bring images to life with more real colors, resolution and contrast in real time. NXTVISION technology is also available in the full range of TCL smartphones.

The DXOMARK report states: “The TCL 10 Pro came out on top in readability tests, beating the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, the leader in the display category. Our testers found that the brightness levels of the TCL display are better suited to indoor and low light conditions… ”

“The classification of the TCL 10 Pro in the DXOMARK smartphone display category is another testament to our philosophy for Greatness Display, which draws on our screen-building experience. We are excited and will continue to work on future innovations, “said Stefan Streit, General Manager of Global Marketing at TCL Communications.

“As one of the world’s leading consumer electronics brands, we take every possible step to ensure our products meet the highest quality and R&D standards.” Through the hard work of combining hardware and software innovations through TCLNXTVISION, it is always satisfying to receive recognition from our colleagues, “said Shiuan-hang Lee, Head of Design Innovation Center at TCL Technology Group.

The TCL 10 Pro is one of the 3 most affordable flagships in the TCL 10 series, and all smartphones offer exciting features. The TCL 10 Pro features a 6.47-inch FHD + curved AMOLED display with 6 GB of RAM for smooth performance and a camera with dual LED flash at 64 MP, to achieve a very high resolution image in every shot.

With NXTVISION optical technology, users will enjoy cinematic-level video with color accuracy and exciting gaming experiences with state-of-the-art HDR that is always open, even when the original content is only available in SDR format. The screen adjusts to ambient light to maintain crystal clear in all viewing conditions.

TCL 10 Pro: Top rated

In conjunction with the release of DXOMARK Display, the company released its first report just before the holiday shopping season, comparing the performance of the nine most popular smartphones on the market for 2020. In addition to the TCL, the report includes phones from Apple, OPPO, OnePlus, Xiaomi, BlackShark, ASUS and two from Samsung.

The TCL 10 Pro with NXTVISION display technology ranks # 1 in two of the key usage categories that define a smartphone experience. It beat the other 8 smartphones in the “Video” category with a score of 89 and scored 74 in the “Readability”, which is a very high score in this critical category that evaluates projection quality in a wide range of lighting conditions. With a total screen score of 83, the TCL 10 Pro surpassed four more expensive phones, even 22 points, while it lost by just 6 points to the top table ranking, already dominated by premium phones with three times higher than the price.

Score Summary Screen Summary (Highest Score is Best)

Learn more about smartphone screen tests from DXOMARK, here.

TCL 10 Pro | Best display at the ideal value for money

The strongest point of the TCL 10 Pro is the quality that consumers receive commensurate with the price of the smartphone, compared to other more expensive smartphones on the market. The buyer not only gets a number of key features, but can also be assured of having a phone that has a proven high quality display with NXTVISION technology and 2-3 times more value for money compared to ‘ r all other phones.

Incorporating the company’s mission of “Display Greatness”, this latest recognition shows that there is no better choice for those seeking quality options at an affordable price and seeking the best visual experience possible.


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