Monday , April 12 2021

Three robots Attica one afternoon

The armed forces in Metamorphosis left their clients and staff, he took the money from the motorcycle escaped cashier – Second helicopter theft in Halandri and another in a supermarket in Holargos – The fourth at a gas station at Varibobi

A human embarrassment to locate four armed men who attacked a large department store in the Metamorphosis area, launched in the air for a threat before they escaped, had been launched by the police.

The armed gang attacked the stores' premises and after preventing customers and staff with weapons threat, they took out what money was on the coffees and escaped with large circles.

The event took place shortly after 8 in the afternoon at Favierou Street. Within the supermarket a case has caused, while strong forces have given it the best.

Second robbery in Halandri

At one time in Halandri, two thieves came into a supermarket under threat of gun, customers and staff who had been removed, seized money from the coffers and escaped in an unknown address.

The police attacked the point a few minutes later, and after collecting evidence, they began to search for those who carried out.

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